Weekend Freewrite – The Spider

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A fictional story written in five minutes. For more information see the post by @mariannewest here: Weekend Freewrite 4-28-2018

The house on the corner had always been the subject of gossip. I was the only one who knew the truth. I knew the truth because I was the one that lived there.

I kept to myself mostly, occasionally ordering pizza for delivery. Going to the store was an expedition in itself. I liked to wait until later in the night when things had settled down a bit. It was so much easier to shop without the crowds of people to distract me.

Things hid in the isles of the grocery store. Odd things. Things that you wouldn’t want to see too closely. They disappeared from view and hide in the shadows.

No one understood why the house on the corner grew cobwebs in the corners of the porch. A large spider grew there. The neighborhood kids came by one time to ask if they could have it.

I knew the fate of a spider trapped in a jar. It felt so sad. So sad to be away from its friends. I looked at the kids and tried to persuade them that the spider would like to stay where it was.

The next day the spider was gone. The web was in tatters.

I didn’t matter so much I suppose. It was only a spider and perhaps the kids would enjoy their new friend.

These spiders love to peacefully cohabitate all over the house – click for viewing full screen

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The picture was taken by me with my Galaxy S7.


In few minutes???awesome one!

Thank you! It is fun to freewrite if the inspiration is there. The first sentence that was provided got things rolling for me.

Good story @lightsplasher, as well as a beautiful little spider image,
Success is always for you @lightsplasher

I like this story, as a suggestion, it would be more beautiful again this fiction story if there is ending it.

Thank you for the suggestion. The five minute timer went off and that is all the was written. Perhaps the story could be continued and get better characterization and more of a plot too. I'm not sure if it would be worth doing or not though.

All must be done with confidence, it will produce maximum results. there is no doubt to start. we as human beings do not escape from mistakes, but all we must be aware and ready to fix it. all of that also for our own success

That was fun!! Thank you so much for writing with us!!!
And I hope that the spider is cared for!!!

Thank you! It is fun to do these type of things.

We have a prompt every day. That might be your ticket to write more :) I saw you commenting to old-guy-photos that photos are easier for you. Love to have you as part of our little community of extremely free freewriters

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so sorry for the little spider....

I like it. Brings out some of the feelings of Charlotte's Web in that the fate of Wilbur is known and not nice. Unfortunately it seems humans, even at a young age, are inherently able to emphasize much. Well done my friend.

Thank you my friend. In a way I find it harder to put out written stories than photography, I'm glad you liked it.

Poor spiders, sometimes I feel unbearable when driving a spider from my home. But the existence of him at home make the atmosphere of the house becomes not beautiful.

Very interesting my dear @lightsplasher :)

Your heart is very kind and gentle.! :)

For the future I will be off in steemit for the next 50 days. Thanks you so much for support me on steemit.
I wiil come back.. for steem on. :)

See you.. ☺🤗

That is very understandable, some spiders are hard to have in the house. I do remove them too and put them in the yard when the spider population gets too high or it feels appropriate.

You are welcome and I hope to see you back on Steemit when you can be.

I often see this spider at the corner of the wall of the house. their fate is a little unlucky because it often becomes a lizard food
but the spider web in the corner of the house will block many mosquitoes
happy to see your post, this picture like in my place

A sad story of isolation and unnecessary cruelty. You character was very sympathetic.

I have to admit to a bit of phobia where spiders are concerned. If the spider is small enough I usually trap it under a glass and set it free outside. But this one time the spider was so big and hairy, I trapped it under a glass and it did have to live there for a few hours before I could find someone brave enough to set it free. I swore after that ... no more basement suites.

There is something primeval about the fear of spiders but they have their place in creation. I admire your bravery where they are concerned. But there are few that will lunch on you when you are sleeping. Probably not these guys though ... they look like daddy long legs, which actually have the most poisonous venom of any spider but teeth not sharp enough to bite through human skin. It's a wacky evolving world we live in:)

Well, perhaps the story could use a happier ending but the five minute timer went off.

These spiders move really slowly and stay up high out of the way. They haven't caused any problems and don't make much of a web but I have moved some of them out of the house and into the garden. I usually leave them alone in the bathroom and garage where they seem to prefer living but when they encroach too much on other areas, I relocate them.

We are lucky to have spiders. They keep insect populations in check:)

In 5 minutes. You have some serious writing skill.You know the art of how to pluck words into garlands. keep it up @lightsplasher

Thank you! Sometimes the words flow, however, most of the time I have trouble thinking of what to write.

seems words are flowing in a beautiful way. But for me mostly words ceased to flow:(. Have a nice sunday


very beautiful animal and unique friend @lightsplasher. the animals in your post are almost identical to the animals in my post. I salute your work with friends.


both good friends @lightsplasher and always successful friends.

this is a small spider that jumps into my hand while I'm walking on a tree. image

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Very nice spider photo! I am fine, thank you. It is very hard to get around to everyone because of my limited time and the fact that I don't use any automated voting.

I can understand with your busy friends, with you read my comments aja, I am very happy friend.


spider beautiful and unique but unfortunately his life alone and yerperangkap. I like the fiction story in the series in five minutes. Thanks @lightsplasher.

this animal I often see a very good post friends


my friend, you are very kind-hearted, to others, and to other creatures, I really salute you, thanks for you have taught us all, to love each other and fellow and other creatures,

Like this story my teacher @lightsplasher..
Favorit story fiction in steemit..
Thanks you my teacher for share this story

Thank you, I know you write a lot of fiction stories.

a very great post dear friend @lightsplasher.saya very like with your post.

I want to show it to my dear friend @lightsplasher.got spider.which I take the picture. hope you like it. image

thanks friend @lightsplasher.


Very nice photography, thanks for sharing the interesting looking spider picture too.

same as my dear friend @lightsplasher. i am so glad to be able to share pictures with your dear friend @lightsplasher. i am very proud of you friend @lightsplasher.

Yes very interesting when we read fiction stories and I like to read any story including this fictional story.
thanks for sharing this story my friend..
Like it my friend

I really like this post my friend, so many things that I can take from this post my friend, I now conceive of that so great your affection to others, and to other creatures you my friend is really noble heart I really like the way my friend @lightsplasher daily thank you my friend because you have taught us to love each other and other creatures

Thank you my friend for such kind words. :)

I like the fictional story written by @mariannewest in a short time (five minutes) about the life of the spider @lightsplasher. I am @cutmulia, very happy to follow you and read your stories or stories, although my comments are less appreciated but I am still happy to follow you @lightsplasher.

Actually to clarify, I wrote the story from a prompt provided in the post by @mariannewest but it is a bit confusing. I do appreciate all of everyone's comments although it is tough sometimes because of how many there are to properly respond.


these animals are very much in the area we are friends look already scattered everywhere and this animal is very smelly

Lol, very smelly? I wonder if they are stink bugs?

hello my friend @lightsplasher, how are you friend, hopefully in good health always. if not wrong this is the type of spider house. image

and I also have a jumping spider that I photographed on my window pane. and hope you like her my friend image


I love you my friend @lightsplasher. and I am very grateful if you visit my blog, friend ...

Nice spider pictures, thank you my friend.

This spider legs are very easily dislodged, it seems difficult to walk because the feet and body is not balanced. whatever the wisdom behind his creation.

They are interesting. As I recall one theory is that anything hunting the spider will get distracted by the leg if it comes off. It is kind of like how a lizard can loss its tail and get away from something.

Looks like the conplete freewrite: no plot in mind, just allow the pen to go?

Sure enough. I'm not even sure if I did it correctly. It was taking longer than five minutes to understand the directions so I just read the prompt and went with it. :D

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Yes brother. Its running very good. And i like it so much.
Please always visit regularly
I have uploaded another new picture of a hindu couple

Wow this is very good and beautiful @lightsplasher

Wow cool spiders.

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beautiful spider.

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The story is very good and develops ... As new lagenda is born in the era of contemporary times ... @lightsplasher

a very unfortunate spider @lightsplasher thank you for sharing stories like this

Its Useful for steemians all thank you @lightspasher

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Yes Spider need comfortable living, very interesting his foot very long, looks still small

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A unique little spider, I love it. Thank You

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Wow ,,, this one spider is unique and small, i love it since childhood

Wow ,,, this one spider is unique and small, i love it since childhood

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I am afraid of the spider being displaced from home if you find it at home
I am very weak heart

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So Beautiful Photography

Wow @lightsplasher that's the real spider yes.. I like it.
I often found in my flat @salim001

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With samsung galaxy, everything is clear, for me this is one of the most unique spiders I've ever seen

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Awesome picture creative idea

Did you write this fictional story in only five minutes? It is impressive, you have a wonderful imagination. It's great!

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