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Day's passed so fast, the feeling still there but the moment was gone. It's like watching an old movie. You already knew what will happen but you can't still move on by the feeling. That's what I'm thinking right now while spending the beautiful day of Sunday.

I kept on thinking what kind of #sublimesunday to make this #beautifulsunday. However I can't think anything and I can't show anything. I'm still stuck in a place being in quarantine. I want to see good sceneries, beautiful happenings and explore new place. But because of this quarantine I can't. I know that I can't but I still keep on thinking how to makea colorful Sunday being away from home. I couldn't think something that's why I'll be doing a freewrite now.

Today is Sunday and expected it's a family day. I live in a place far from home, no relatives but only fellow boarders. It's not easy to be far from home during this day, Sunday. I always think that if I'm at home right now. We will have family bonding, friends bonding and the day will end with enjoyment.

What can I do for now is feeling the sweetness of my memories. Refreshing it into my mind like it just happens. "Hey mom, come to the kitchen. I forgot to correct way of cooking this cuisine." Sometimes I was like that when I was at home or sometimes like this. "Hey, everyone, the food is ready. We can now eat and let's eat together because the food is just few. I'm afraid it won't be enough if we won't eat together."

The simple happenings in my life made me remember it now. I was alone and I was envied to the family I saw here doing what I'm thinking. I just accepted the fact that this place is not home. I'll try to change the feeling of Sunday or just tell myself that today is not Sunday.

thank you for reading

image is mine
huawei p8

d' dreamboy,


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