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Hello all, @pasaift here. I happen to be participating in the freewrite for today by @mariannewest. The prompt for today is SQUASH Do you have no idea what freewrite is about? Click Here to find out.

The sight of a squashed insect isn't something one would like to behold, especially when its done on your skin. This freewrite topic reminds me of the first time I squashed a house fly using my palm. As we all know, house flies can be so annoying sometimes, especially when making their buzz sound. So i decided to put an end to the disturbance by squashing it. I definitely did not like what followed suit. There was a pinkish and black viscous coloration from the body of the dead fly on my palm. The sight could make one puke, this made me totally regret my decision of squashing the death deserving fly with my bare hand and I was forced to dissinfect my hands. Never again would I ever try killing a fly with my hands.
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I am impressed that you were able to do this with your hand!!! But yes, it would be yucky to have the squished insect on you...

Definitely yucky. Thanks for stopping by