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Hello all, @pasaift here. I happen to be participating in the freewrite for today by @mariannewest. The prompt for today isVisit. Do you have no idea what freewrite is about? Click Here to find out.

Since my days as a child, there has been one place i would love to visit, though the thought seems far fetched. I would actually love to visit a space station and probably live there with the station team/crew for about a week before returning back to Earth and Maybe take a trip to the moon while I'm there.
Got this desire from watching sci-fi movies that involved space exploration and also reading about apollo and those kinda stuffs. The view of planet Earth from above is something my eyes would really love to see. Its a shame that this my desire just may never come to fulfilment.
Well this concludes my 5 minutes freewrite, thanks for reading.
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What an interesting trip this would be!

Great idea. Then at least you could put the flat earth/globe earth controversy to rest for good!

It’s the Wednesday encouraging team here again with the prompt for today:

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