Freewrite Prompt of the day ~ "Wellbeing" ~ {Being Mindful of My Wellbeing}

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As I marinade in my beingness which is well

I am conscious of my existence which is
Made legitimate by a ‘knowing’
And a sense that I am a part of the all,
Everything and yet I am no-thing

I am disclosed, demonstrated and incarnated

As both visible and invisible
Possessing both exterior and interior
Pulsating and vibrating, moving and being still
I am in my physical well-being and simultaneously in my spiritual, etheric and the other subtle bodies of me that are yet to unfold. Ah, yes and to my soul.

Through this being which is well

There has been two created in the likeness of me
And they both left my womb and have grown and gone on
To leave my home.

Yet there is another that leaves me not alone

My inner child that little girl that I am

That resides somewhere safely tucked inside
That little girl version of me that feels the need to hide
Because she was wounded you see and stopped growing
Somewhere around the age of five
And she is my kindred bond and twin that keeps me close to her as I too have a need to keep her close to me.

It is not a burden but a responsibility to finish nurturing what

Got maimed in me. So I transfer to that little girl my love and care, my joys and sometimes my pain and she listens and consoles me.
And to me, she uploads her youthfulness and her energy that surges and moves
And on certain days she nudges me and we do sing and dance
My baby girl got moves. And together we are one and well.

Through the windows of my soul, I view a multitude of life experiences

Life showed up in a variety of shades
During which times I moved from being totally whole to
Teetering on the brink of sickness and dis-ease
And as the pendulum swung back up I healed
Not just physical but in all areas that are connected to me
And life taught me that wellness/wellbeing is a recipe
And if I got the measurements right my well-beingness would remain at its highest heights.

And, again the pendulum swung back down, and I learned,

In my 58 years what well being is not and it did not come without trial and error.
The wisdom I gained came, as a result of my stubbornness and the seasons when it was only about me that brought me incredible pain.

I learned that everything that is good too me is not good for me,

Like those times of intimacy which was so good all the way down to the cellular level, but the man was not good for me.

I learned the continuous reaction to external meaningless things would drain my energy.

I learned that a daily dose of happiness, laughter, exercise and plenty of rest and relaxation is a vital part of my wellbeing.

I learned that my wellbeing is my responsibility.

Overall, I keep company with a recipe of wholeness and I am well in my beingness.

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awe i needed to look into this window . i needed this. it brings relief to read freewrites.

, now that i hava RC, i can rock on steeming thanks to @erodedthoughts

I learned the continuous reaction to external meaningless things would drain my energy.

Totally agree with that!!!

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Thank you @sunravelme and @msp-curation. I am humbly honored. Thank you for all you do.

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