The blanket

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I have a dog, more than one so no dog in a blanket. I kept some blankets for special occasions. My daughter's dog and my own in case of need. The need can be sick, on the way to the vet (most likely that will never happen since the vet visits the dogs) or cold and old and if used I throw it away.

The only one being cold and old is me. So I took the blanket and wrapped it around me. It could have been bigger or perhaps I should make a big bag out of it to stick my feet and the hot water bag in and stay warmer this way. I still feel the draft. I guess that's what happens if you can't heat up the place. If the sun shines it's warmer outside than inside. The house is clearly build for hot summer days instead of cold winters.
That blanket... it smelled. I don't like smelly things so I washed it on a freezing, windy, sunny day.

Why my dogs don't get a blanket? They don't really like it and will tear it into pieces and eat it. They eat it not because they are hungry but because they see it as a toy and love to drag and rip and like we all know blankets do not digest great. So, the blanket is mine and they have nothing. They don't mind since they live outside and digging out plants is fun, so is tearing apart buckets and the laundry at the line.


The prompt 'dog in a blanket' is provided by @mariannewest


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