5-minute-Freewrite : Baby Time

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Hello Fellow Steemians! How's your day?
Here's my entry for @mariannewest 5-minuteFreewrite, prompt : "baby time" . You can check her post here

Here it goes :


Baby time .. oh i so love this prompt... i can definitely relate on this , coz am having this this time of my life , always.. 24/7 .. every hour ..minute.. seconds.. hehe. Yes , am loving time with my babies.. am fulltime mom for them and really hands on , on taking care of them. Baby time is always gives me grateful feeling .. but as they say , this life isn't perfect , so there are also times that baby time makes me a monster mom , LOL ... what do i mean with that ,.. since i am the one who's taking care of them and doing chores and my online stuff at the same time , i get tired physically sometimes ,so i think my patience is being affected. Baby time is messy time as well , hahaha , those play moments they want , you let them explore and learn by themselves , result , sometimes , messy house . but that's okay , long as they've learned something.. Baby time is indeed love time , i nurse them , i feed them , i bath them ,i put them to sleep .. cuddles , kisses.. tears , laughters and all that includes mom and baby time , something i am very blessed with.

Did use of themostdangerouswritingapp.com to time the writing.


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wow! thanks sa gift , saglit lang ako napasilip hehe. late na ako wala masyado noypi hehe. slaamats po

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thanks always ❤️

Babies are eating more energy as they give. I hope one day reward you for all you do and did for them.
At this moment it is normal and you are not a monster mom because you need a break, some me-time.
Learn your kids this is normal. I did so in an early age at +1 year old.


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thanks for your wonderful messages my dear ,appreciate it . you have a lovely time ahead

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hahaha. im a momster!!!! 😂 . appreciate you droppin' by 😘