What's it About Ladies?

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Hi Steemians, quite been a long time since I did write on anything... So @Zylad here would be sharing us some story I witnessed which sent some pictures running through my very subconscious.
In the course of practicing my Profession, I've see cases where Kids are to be examined Medically and couldn't help but notice how glued and attached this Kids really are to their Mum. Actually I can't say less, cos myself I think I'm so with my Mum, so I kept wondering why this Cosmic feeling ain't strong between the Guys(Dad's).

So this parents walk into the Radiology unit for a CT scan and the lady being pregnant is asked to stay out and wait till the examination is over and Dad stays in, we spent hours trying to get this Kid calm but all efforts seemed not to be in our Favor, then we had to call the Mum, no sooner had Ma showed up and this Kid stayed Calm and did Sleep to make it more confusing to me. Mum had to step out and when examination was over for it's first phase the Young Lass was already screaming Mummy as soon as she regained consciousness and noticed her Mum wasn't within.

Anyways shout-out to all Steemians who are Proud Mother's and Potential Mother's in Making, to the Very Guy's (Dad's) I'd say we keep being US and Loving to help change this entire Cosmic feeling to be more in our Favor.

Anyways what's been going on all these while I was away? Do Upvote, resteem and Comment....