Freewrite - Friday prompt = In Da Club

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In da club! well this is a good one it started when I was 18 just about 19. here in British Columbia our legal age to go out to the clubs is 19, our neighboring province alberta has a legal age of 18. anyhow a few weeks before my big 19th birthday I ended up traveling for the 1st time and it was to alberta which I lived for the next year or so (kinda just stayed) well needless to say I didnt celebrate my 19th in bc in the clubs but in Alberta a province away for the 1st time and in da club!

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Right on buddy, I didn’t know your first club experience was in Alberta 😅

Looks like your image is on bottom 😅 I can edit for you 💪 post looks better with added image above the page break.

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lol ya it was :) and haha ya do it :p

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Done 💪

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I’ll have to teach you how to do that yet 😅 one day when we can sit down together.... may even have a laptop you can use for DTube uploads 💪

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That is interesting - one 18, one 19 - and here in the States it is 21

most of Canada is 19 expect alberta I'm fairly certain, I feel a heck of alot older now that we are talking about it 🤣

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hahaha - age is relative LOL

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This is an issue of drinking at country age difference, funny.

Holla!, am here with the weekend freewrite prompt.
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