I did a good thing today and I am happy and proud about me


Something unusual happened to me today. When I went to the post office around 10 o'clock in the morning, I went to the window to hand over the post office, and I saw two banknotes on the floor, one was 200 euros, I rarely did saw that banknote, and I was not immediately convinced that it really lay on the floor 200 euros , I bend down and pick up and see anoter banknote for 20 euros. I hand it all over to the maid and say I found it on the floor. She looks at me and says, that she doesn’t know who it could be from.
And at the same time an older lady comes to me and says she lost 220 euros, I tell her all happy, they are here. She replies a little frightened, that the money fell out of her envelope, that this is her pension, that she has so much money to the end of the month to survive, and adds that she worked for it for 40 years, anxiously and sadly she said that.
Then she thanked me, told me that there are few such honest people in the world. She was grateful to me.
She said that this money of hers could be found by someone who would put it in his pocket and she would never get it again.
I was glad she got her money and she was visibly reassured.
She then thanked me all the way to the store.
I did something good today.

Image: photography from my LG Q7

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