"If we are destined, we will stay together"

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We often say the phrase "If we are destined, we will stay together". Love does not work that way, because only your decision to love someone and only your decision to forgive and forgive someone for things, because you love him and try every day again to be just love, because we all make mistakes and in every relationship comes sometimes to disagreements, we have different views on certain things, but there are always compromises, conversations.
It is also solely your decision to love unconditionally because I have decided so. Let's say if your partner eats a piece of chocolate cake that you saved and stayed in the fridge and enjoyed it all day ... your decision is to give it to him from the heart if it was right for you and is yours already eaten. It’s your decision that when things between you aren’t ideal, and they quarrel, you always love him.
These things are not fate or coincidence, it’s all your decision that you made yourself.
“If we are destined, we will stay together” has no word on that because it’s all in you. If you feel it and all, it's love.

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