We all deserve to be happy

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Happiness. What is happiness?
No one can and will give us happiness.
A well-known Slovenian proverb reads "everyone is a fortune teller". This proverb is important and you have to understand it.
Happiness is when someone makes us smile, when someone give us a hugs, makes us happy with attention, shows us that he does care about us.
It all depends on ourselves, how we will be at a certain moment, how we will be calm then, what we will feel then, and all this depends only on ourselves.
What can help?
Write down on a piece of paper what puts you in a good mood, what lifts your spirits and what restores your sense of humor.
Talk to people who understand you, whom you can easily trust and confess to.
Be strong enough, strong enough to allow yourself to be happy.
Because you deserve to be happy.

Image: photography from my LG Q7

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