When two are together

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The two are together because they love
each other,
they are together because
of the love and feelings of happiness they feel when they are together
and when they think of each other,
because the energy of love did bring them
When two people are together,
things are more beautiful,
everything is easier when they are together
and have each other in life.
When two are together, they are together
because of the beauty they see in each other
and notice in each other.
The two who are in love together
can tell each other everything, freely,
and there is no room for secrets and disguises,
because that would mean that love is also disguised.
When the two are in a love relationship,
day by day you get to know yourself more and more, day by day you are again in love with the person next to you.
It's time to trust because love is.💞

Image: photography from my LG Q7