I don't want to leave Steemit.

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I don't usually write posts related to Steemit since everyone was talking about how wonderful Steemit is, however I have noticed that this platform has been divided into several platforms and they all want to reach their desired goals. But I honestly don't want to put aside this beautiful platform that became for me, it is a place of emotional sustenance.

Perhaps, some actions that were carried out were not the most appropriate, in my eyes, they are still decisions that come out of my hands and that is why I will not abandon this platform. I think that many are being very quick to leave a place that has worked for several years, it may be that there are people capable of entering all platforms to mark their presence, like me, but even so, I will not leave this platform aside.

I want to emphasize something very important, Steemit became my emotional support, I am happy writing and publishing photos from my camera or my phone, I am not only for the money, I am also to abandon the routine and read a little. I think that has been my anchor throughout this Steemit course, I do not want to forget the friends I have made and the number of times I have read spectacular works.

I am and will continue to be surprised that Steemit had very talented people in art, music, dance and photography, in everything else that I could not do, so I asked myself: Could it be that someday I will become talented like them? I prepared myself in every way to create good content, to be original, I wanted to make people laugh and take a weight off society by making them laugh.

They are dreams that I hope I have fulfilled, but my wishes still stand, despite all the adversities, I will continue in this place because I want to be remembered as a fun girl creating content. I don't want to leave anyone out, or anything that made me increase my happiness.

Steemit is my home, my comfort zone for people to take me into account.
Hopefully people who think like me, stay a while longer, they can publish in all the places they want, starting from 0 can be fun if you want, but also remember Steemit, let's not let this fall since it was our origin, let's be happy and show our content, that anyway, the content is us and without us no platform has value.


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I have to admit I'm no longer actively participating in Steemit. I wanted to publish here and on Hive, but it's just too much work keeping both up to date. So for now I've jumped to Hive. Hope to see you around.

You are right, it is somewhat difficult to maintain activity on two platforms, I hope you do very well in Hive :)