DEALJOY - Earn Crypto By Shopping Online

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Dealjoy links online buyers with their desired merchants to provide instant crypto cashbacks


Dealjoy is a decentralized platform running on ERC20 platform and crypto currency which provides ecommerce shopping services to its users. It is very fast, secured and reliable platform.


Cash-back is one of the foremost widespread tools used by the brands to retain the shoppers. Within the age of online shopping, brands and retailers have multiple avenues to lure customers. Providing them with a good type of selections to shop for their favorite merchandise on the varied e-commerce platforms, brands have captured the imagination of the shoppers. The most exciting feature of ecommerce shopping is that, the price is much cheaper and we get a lot of offers and discounts too in the form of cashbacks.


The user data, their preferences and other confidential data used for financial transaction are not kept private and looks insecured. The financial transactions take much time to settle as they have to go through several middle stages to get the clearance. To tackle these problems, Dealjoy introduced a decentralized blockchain based platform to help buyers/shoppers to shop freely and securely.


As a decentralized platform running on ERC20 platform and crypto currency, It tied up with all the leading ecommerce shopping portals and makes it accessible for the users to shop from them. It manages the user's privacy well by not selling its shopping data to any third party vendor. The financial transaction in this platform are carried out by the use of ERC20 tokens which is globally acceptable in other platforms as well. The appliance offered by the team is offered on the golem and iOS platform. A matchmaking algorithmic program on the platform helps the buyer realize the most effective deals that match their preferences and behavior.


Total of 1,400,000,000 DEAL tokens will be created for the project.

70% of the entire tokens will be offered for the general public sale.

40% of the funds are used for the platform development whereas

30% of the funds are used for the selling.

The team acting on the platform has years of expertise within the product management and blockchain technology.


Tuomo Launis - CEO & Founder
Tuomo is a serial blockchain entrepreneur with a background in international business and innovative digital services.

Olli Soppela - COO & Co-founder
Olli is a product-driven project manager experienced in service development and validation process management.

Aleksi Kinnunen - CTO
Aleksi has 13 years of experience in developing and managing web platforms with multi-million userbases.

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Bitcointalk Username: equal2detask123

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ETH address: 0xbE0129cAD41Fe170119e0e52eed005e20B9DD5d3


This is a great project with a great review and a well written article

This would definitely change the way people buy and sell. Good project.

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