The Only Fruit I Don't Like

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Do you have a favorite fruit? We all do right? But, do you have any fruits you don't like at all? 

A funny thing I've noticed after eating more variety of fruits and eating a high-fruit diet for some time. Is that it gets harder and harder to pick my favorites. Sure, some fruits taste horrible, but from my point of view, it's because they are poor quality. 

The fruits I’ve been lucky to try in excellent quality are all uniquely good; it's tough to put one above the other. 

Fruits are different, but uniquely good! 

It's like loving one of your children more than the other. I've never had children, but I assume that most people don't feel it that way. 

However, I can imagine that people momentarily feel lesser towards one of the children at moments - so that in some sense it can feel that way if one of the kids are acting up or something. e.g., Painting the kitchen wall with mom's stolen lipstick or knitting all the different shoes in the house together (I did the last one in kindergarten.)

Fruit and children are very similar. They are all unique, have their own essence and qualities. They are all likable. I find myself finding momentary favorite fruits. Because fruit also sometimes act out negatively. (the reason is probably very similar why children often do the same thing) 

You're a bad fruit! A lousy fruit are you! (blaming the act and result, not the cause) 

If the fruit has been growing in an unhealthy environment, been lacking nourishment because of too little water, or developed in a mineral-depleted soil. It can result in the fruit acting up its bad qualities. Nearly 95 percent of all fruit is far away from being in the state of its optimal capacity.

The more I've learned about fruit is that it's all about the quality. When I momentarily pick my favorites, it's usually of those fruits that are in my location and are found in good quality that becomes my "momentary" favorites. It changes all the time, and I can never pick my "forever favorite fruit." 

The idea that nearly all eatable fruits are good in their essence has gotten to be a growing belief, growing with the degree of how many new fruits I try. The usual reason that people dislike fruits are usually because they haven't tried it in a state of real quality, freshness and optimal in optimal ripeness. 

The only fruit I don't like

The only fruit I don't like eating is one that I've tried a few times. I still haven't given up on it, and it might just be that I need to find a better quality one to like it. Nevertheless, I can't say that I didn't like it at all, the taste was actually amazing. The consistency, however, no thank you. It was like eating  a piece of meat that's impossible to chew properly. I wasn't even sure if the fruit-flesh was meant to be eaten, or if I was supposed to simply suck it. 

The fruit is called Soursop and I tried it in Bali, Indonesia 

Do you have a favorite fruit? Or the opposite? Let me know in the comments! 

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What? You don't like soup sop? That's what we call it here. Bro...give me a soup sop and I will love you to death. People normally juice that here as the juice is really good but I have no time to waste... I just eat it straight. I love the sweet sop as well but the soursop and fill your tummy. It's so freaking awesome. And it's really healthy. The leaves and stem works well against cancer.

Really? Soursop, next to berries, is my favorite. I don't like snake fruit! Taste like chemicals to me.

Because of the consistency of the fruit-flesh.

Grapefruit is my least favorite fruit. Anything that is acidic and unripe really.

Oh I also have momentary favourites, in the winter I love blood oranges, oranges, kiwi. Right now I love pears when they are from good quality and juicy. Im the summer berries like Bilberries, strawberries and raspberries. Autumn I prefer figs, mango, banana. But it changes like you write from week to week. Where I live there isn't a great variety of fruits but I pick the once I love. When I was in Brazil some years ago I LOVED papaya, mango and avocado, they had so much taste, can't really compare to the once we have in Europe. So when I am in a tropical country I would love to eat a lot of papaya, mango! Is avocado a fruit? I think so😂😙Thanks for sharing, never seen that fruit you share here!

Love all the fruit to be honest but I have never tried soursop. Recently, I've been feasting on organic mangoes. Super juicy!


Well riped juicy mango is my favorite fruit... for now. ;)

I'd have to agree with @superfluousman. Grapefruit is my least favorite, even when it's perfectly ripened - the flavor is just off putting. Was the Soursop you tried ripe? Maybe the consistency would be different; just a hunch though as I've never tried one.

Maybe this soursop would do for a good faux chicken dish? Not saying I'm a huge fan of mock meat, but if it helps you transitioning from carnivore to plant-based, I'm all for it.

Yes, maybe. Another great fruit that can be meat-replacement is the jackfruit. It's used as "pulled-pork" in burgers and it's super good :) Have you tried it?

When I was travelling Brazil last year, one of my airbnb-host showed me a recipe for jaca (jackfruit) chicken. A few days later I fetched one from a tree. Only tried a little bit of it raw, I didn't prepare the faux chicken thing from it..

Lol there are some weird fruits out there, I still haven't managed to digest the Duran one that well, I end up getting them a bit too funky! I'd like to go fruit hunting/shopping with a fruit expect because sometime I have trouble knowing which ones the good fruit. Would love to have my own tropical orchard one day :)

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