Some Soursop Leaf Side Effects You Need To Know! - Soursop fruit rich in fiber is very good to prevent and treat hemorrhoids disease.

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1.Pada patients with cancer or tumors can be infected with diarrhea, excessive sweating, body heat, joint pain, chills, difficult bowel movements, stomach feels sore, back felt hot.


  1. Benign tumors of the breast. Side effects that occur are diarrhea with a sign of liquid feces, and make the body will become weak.


  1. In patients with brain cancer, may be experiencing convulsions that accompanied sweat pouring down the head and also the nape. This is because the reaction between the content of soursop leaves with viruses that attack the brain.



Interesting. Do you have any sources for this info so I can check out more details?

Nothing because it is just my science

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