FRUITS AND VEGGIES MONDAY - 59TH : Vegan Food Court in Front Of My Gate

Hello Steemians😉 and Foodies!

image Vegetables Pickles

Even if you are a vegan, if you come to my neighbourhood in Pamulang Estate, South Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia, it is not difficult to find the right food for Vegan😊 and the best thing about it if you just come to drop by for a few minutes anytime from 7 am to 11 pm😉 you need to continue reading this😄

image we can start the day with this infused water😉 okay.. this one from my fridge😊

Chicken porridge seller and mung bean porridge will coming around with his pushing cart around 7-10 am, because I can prepare the mung beans myself, we will let him passes by without stopping him, okay 😉 but around 10 to 12, a man who sold "Gado-gado Lontong" or boiled vegetables with rice bar in peanut sauces will come from the south direction of my shop, we can stop him to check on his cart😊.. and here we go!

image you can choose what veggies you want more than other, the level of hot taste, the thick or thin peanut sauces, more rice bar or tofu and tempe, wrapped or on plate😉

Let skip our lunch, because we will wait for the vegetables seller later. Let's keep our conversation at the shop, who knows my neighbour would come with fruit from his garden😉

image we call this "jambu air" or water apple

This fruit is native to Java Island. Its scientific name is syzygium samarangense, also known as Java Apple though we have other fruits that we call as Java Apple. Very kind neighbour, right? I'll get him on Steemit soon😄.

Wait.. I heard a sound, ting..ting..ting.. glass plate with spoon (not fork)😉 from the north direction of the shop. Hey.. the fried mung bean sprout is coming and prepare your plate!

image this man would be happy to make a fried bean sprout with special peanut sauce for you

If you want a gluten free meals, you can ask him to skip the noodles and add more bean sprout or fried oncom a special tempe from West Java, or tofu and rice bar, order the level of the hot taste or more sauces. Well.. you can keep his number too 😉 in case you want him to prepare the fried bean sprout for a little party😅.

It is already, a friendly oldman with his "Batik Shirt" is coming.. I can recognize his voice and the way he hit the glass plate with the spoon. Here he comes😇 the veggies pickles and fruit salad seller. If you haven't got enough bean sprout and fresh cabbage😉 let's stop him!

image which one do you prefer? The fruit salad or veggies pickles?

I choose the veggies pickles with rice chips 😊 not hot at all, to get the sour flavour from his special sauces , next time we stop him we can ask his recipe of the sauces because he'd come back tomorrow.

Are you full? And you want something fresh and special drink? Okay.. I will make a glass of "thrash tea" for you😅.

image wedang uwuh, a traditional hot drink from Central part of Java Island

I will put a nutmeg leaf, clove leaf, cloves, ground ginger, cinnamon bark, cardamom aka kapulaga and sappanwood bark or Secang in the glass then pour the boiled water, coverbthe glass for 5 minutes then you can add sugar cube or honey or stevia and mint leaves before you drink it. Well.. you can add ice cube if you want to😇.

I feel a bit tired and full after watching severals travelling foods seller today, though we still have the fried rice and satay seller coming at 10 pm, but that special hot drink makes me want to sleep earlier😔😪 I am so full today. Aahh.. I wish my rambutan tree wiuld bear some fruits soon😁

image so I can show you how to make a delicious salad too, jus wait up😉

That's all for today. This post is created for the #fruitsandveggiesmonday competition by @lenasveganliving. If you want to join in, please read the rules in this post 👉
Fruits And Veggies Monday 59th.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Steemit Journey😉💐


omg all of that looks all so fresh and authentich and exotic ... looks like you live in a real nice part of indonesia overthere

😂 you were right @rudyardcatling.. this neighbourhood is a perfect place to live for someone who enjoy her retirement days 😅 you have any store that sells rice in your town?

hahaa hah haaah, there you are my dear, thanks for using @ubasti btw, feel free to use the others too, none require voteweight, its just vault accounts i turned useful .. yes, ofcourse, every supermarket sells rice, packaged in plastic bags lol, if i want the real deal i have to go to ratcity to gemrin with the guy with his wife from the filippines, they got everything asia (well, everything you could get here, lol) i eat plenty of rice ... i buy pletny of rice since i like it a lot AND
you simply can't buy potatoes and hope to eat them six months from now :D
rice wins !
(but so does pasta)

😂😂😂 then you just need the recipe to make peanut sauce 😉 because you'll know how tasty is eating rice with peanuts sauces .. a bit boiled vegetables or mashed potatoes😀

i never tried rice with peanut sauce really .. i usually just mix up something from powdered paprika or curry powder, its all in little pots here, nothing fresh, the vegetables are fresh ofcourse if you get them, but nothing special nothing exotic, certainly no spices xept the parsley growing in the garden

Perhaps.. one day you'll have the chance to try it.. really it delicious 😉 yeah.. I saw all those who create vegan recipe but using anything from canned food, organic though.. once it canned for me.. it's not too healthy to consume everyday.


since we're at it

what's for dessert ?


starving won't happen anytime soon ... in case any of my enemies are waiting for that :p

strawberry purru-purrin ... (the instant type lol ... 70 cents, which is like a LOT of money still in some places i assume)


100 kinds of sauce starting from butter and flour ... never a lack of sauce :)

Lol.. not something like the peanut sauce in my place for sure.. 😂 you need a spesific spices but off course so glad to see your stocks...

hahahah if you had line or wechat id give you a tour of the house like i did with my vietnames and chinese friend online but ofcourse not before i clean it for visitors :p. I'm a bit hollow this week, headache just wont go away. take care ! ! !!!!!!!

you too .. take care of your health and you don;t have to show me around your house, just keep posting some of your recipes, who knows it's worth to try at my kitchen too.. though I have many fresh food here, but I'd like to try that home made candy sometimes too. drink more water and get your eyes off the screen too

oh dear, recipes huh ? you know i asked my mother if she wanted to do that ? i would have gotten her an account and taken pictures of the food and all that and posted a weekly recipe as she's like super-foodie and the old man (asian people always tell me i should say "father" lol) actually is a master-chef as he went to school for that when he retired

but she didnt want to , and i was like well you could make a few euros with it, or maybe more, right ? foodie-stuff is popular

but still, i think its a generation thing, they just dont trust this planet krypton , its all drugdealers and pedophiles or something, i dont know

but if you want foodies, i will surely be able to accomodate you once they're back in belgium hahah

What a treat of a post! I would be so happy to have access to so much variety every day. I love just about anything with peanut sauce, so that would be trouble for me. Haha, I would be full every day! Thanks for sharing a little part of your home with us!

Thank you @plantsoplanks 😂 I skip 2 more foods with peanuts sauce 😂 ketoprak and satay 😊 I'm afraid I would make people stop reading and flagging me for contributing a non-proper post because I make a mouth watery post but unable to share the recipes 😊 I'd love to have you here and let you enjoy the foods at my shop and talking about what can we do with my rambutans😆

Haha, love it! I do get envious sometimes of what others are sharing, but it's still fun to see what is available all over the world! I will be curious to see what you do with your rambutans, as well! :)

The rambutan tree is having its flowers and perhaps the rain would falls and 6 monday later I can show you and the foodies everything. But.. I saw someone sells rambutan yesterday ( though my hubby would questioned me if I buy it while we have our own tree😂) I'd love to try to make the hot rambutan salad and create a post about it. Uhhmm.. maybe I should wait for the fruits seller passes by tomorrow 😊

Cici you Made My mouth water. I already had lunch and dinner and now its hungry again. And that drink is wedang uwuh is that the one you told me about last time in My tea blog?
Rambutan we have here to. I use it in desserts.
Well I am off again and Thanks for the support for My newcomers

I am sorry @brittandjosie 😊 I have no other things to post on monday😊 I promised someone that I'll show her the reason why she has to be joining me at my neighbourhood 😃 and this is all I got.

Yes.. that is wedang uwuh or thrash tea😂 you see.. half of the ingredients were considered as waste.. ir something that you only use to make organic compos, but we still use it as our special drink.

Whoaa.. you have rambutan too.. that's amazing! How do you prepare it as dessert?

you dont have to post every day. Although its nice but not nesseccary. You could have blogged about the person why she had to join you in the neighbourhood.

The dessert is vanilla ice some rasberry sauce and the peeled rambutan on top. We serve that at christmas.

have a great day.

Talking about dessert reminded me off the fact that I need things to serve at this years Halloween, so i Made a blog about the first one.

save your post for next monday then and try to join the #fruitsandveggiesmonday's really cool @brittandjosie, you'll meet so many amazing posts and wonderful engagers

I Will i am trying things out do Thanks for the idea. Who is the initiator?

she is @lenasveganliving.. you need to check her blog.. there's so many interesting vegan recipe from her, and with wonderful photos too... worth to follow and have a chat with

I know het sort off ran into her blogs. Being vegan is so hard

Frikken awesome @cicisaja! I really enjoyed this little food tour of java. Those rambutans were just eyeballing me in the market today. I even asked my husband “what do you do with these”…now I know, you can make tea. Great post my friend!

I never made tea with rambutan @pueavidaville 😊 because the rambutan I have here is one of the best variety, too sweet and juicy...I think fruit salad or frozen one would be better. People eat it raw and fresh ripe rambutan. Not too much or you'll get cough.

And if you want to proof this story.. I'll be happy to have you at my shop for a day and try it all😂

I’ll take an invitation to your shop any day @cicisaja! It sounds like a great time. :)

Sang han ta teume piyoh seumajoh inan, that jai makanan troh ukeu teuh. Sep bereh ju :)

Omaan.. chit hana pre2.. miseu teubai asoe dompet atawa geureuda teuh.. chit sapeu haba payah peugot😂 tinggai pajoih. Tapi loen cuma bloe miseu pereulee photo mantong😊 nak bek hana mangat sagai 😂😂

YES! Oh my, yes indeed! And these are just the vegan choices? What a luxury to have them come by your shop. What are you hungry to eat? Wait a few minutes and here it comes walking down your street! Wonderful post!

Well.. because This post is mean to beca contribution for the #fruitsandveggiesmonday.. also for vegan, I skipped the various foods that we have here😉 Will create other post to show you the rest of the food court.. and of course I need to buy all of them before I take the pictures😂😂 and I can't eat them all..

Yes I understand your focus was on vegan foods, and what a wide variety to choose from! Really amazing to see the delicious choices! You said if I came to visit that I would gain weight - I can see you weren't joking!

No.. Imnot joking at all... They always around everyday, especially the meatballs and chicken skewer sellers... Oh My, if you love everything with peanut sauces, you got it... a dollar for every plate LOL, now you know how much money you should prepare everyday to gain the weight,.. LOL

I LOVE peanut sauces, especially if they are on the spicy side. I could have a whole meal of sticky rice and peanut sauce. Satay and peanut sauce! Costing a dollar a plate? You are bad to tempt me so! :-D

Good stuff it is always crazy when you see different fruits from other areas that look so different that what we have here in the USA

You're totally right.. while we can have almost any fruits from USA, but you can't find fruits from other country in your place 😊 but I think Water Apple is easy to find .. and rambutan, the canned one.

You are so lucky, having those travelling food sellers coming over right front of your house. Can you please send them over to our street too? The food must me delicious, just the way I like it 🍒 🍌🍑🌿🍍🍓🍇
1 Collage.jpg

Again, you haven't failed to surprise me @cicisaja! Water apple, thrash tea, funny names, but everything looks wonderful! I cannot say which one a prefer, salads or pickled vegetables since I've never tasted any pickled vegetables besides pickled cucumber. Anyhow, such a great post! 😊

Well.. you should come to join me at the shop then 😉 you'll be busy to stop and try any food sellers who passes by in frontbof my shop 😊 and we can try it one by one ever hour 😂 it's hard to explain how they make it.. because they all have secret recipes

It's so funny to think that we share all the great recipes here on Steemit, since we want everyone to benefit from them, but simultaneously there are people out there whose recipes are top secret and they'll never reveal them, haha!

if it is for a commercial or business , maybe we should accept that. you know what, sometimes we tried any recipes from other but the result never be the same even though we use the sae ingredients.. why is that happened? I think there's a secret too. I found a hundred recipes of the peanuts sauces on, but none ever meet the taste from the street vendors.

Exactly! Another example of that phenomenon is that when you try your grandmother's recipes. Even if she gives you the complete recipe and shows you how to do it, the next time you try to do it yourself, it's nowhere near as good as hers! There must be some kind of a secret in there!

very nice post specially i love the way how you described each and every meal... mouth watering every food specially fried mung bean sprout and pickles... i just love pickles and extra hot and sour food.. "thrash tea" looks gorgeous and hopefuly it will taste good because added ingredients looks awesome and make tea tasty...

I am not foodie but i love to taste every types of cusine especially hot one... looking forward to see more street foods on their way coming and will love to know about them...thx again...

thanks for your lovely comments @priyanarc, sorry that I almost missed out your comments here .. actually it is a simple meals to prepare if you have all the ingredients around and you have time to make it by yourself, but.. If you'd like to join me at my shop.. we can have fun to try all food sellers who pass by in front of my shop.. LOL. me too.. I;mnot foodie, I tell you the truth.. even if I have been staying here for 2 years, I just stop them to bought the food lately.. merely because I want to share it on Steemit... hahahahaha

Ya elah elu ci, nggak sekalian profil si alex sama bang jafar tukang sate lu panerin di sini? Pantesan lu rajin banget motret segala yg liwat.. rupabya buat bikin postingan dimari... curiga gw😨 postingan terakhir bokin juga elu yg bikin 😂😂😂 lanjut, gw mau nyobain pifc aahhh... gw bingung nyari yg bahasa inggeris😂

udah gw siapin tuh profile orang-orang yang pak rt sebut, cuman masalahnya nggak ada kontes yang dibikin untuk membahas profile orang-orang penting di sekitar kita. iyee.. soal ikan ya? fotonya dari hp dia siy, tapi ceritanya gw yang atur. eehh.. coba aja ikut kontes pifc, lumayan.. bisa kenal banyak orang dan RC lu buat komentar-komentar doang bisa kepake dengan tepat tuh. caranya gampang aja, ntar baca aja postingan bokin gw, gw perhatiin tadi dia lagi nyari2 blogger buat dijadiin target.

btw .. kalau gw mau bikin kontes begituan bisa nggak? padahal kan gw juga powerless kayak kata elu sebelumnya..puyeng gw kalau harus komentarin semua posts.. lhaa, ad ayang kudu diterjemahin dulu.. kekekeke, gw pindah ke tagar laen aja kali yee.. jadi gw bisa nulis pada bahasa betawi aje, eehh.. maren gw baca ada yang dari bogor juga..musti nyosor ke tagar apaan gw ?

Everything looks delicious and so different than what is offered by the food sellers here!

So much food choices, and they look amazing.

FYI @icybc 😉 that's not all foods that you can get just by waiting for the food sellers passing by 😂😂 you need to make a tight schedule to enjoy all of them.

interesting contribution, thank you!

You are welcome @proanima 😊 I don't have any recipe that perfect for a vegan this monday, so I just share the vegan foods that really exist around my neighburhood, thanks for stopping by