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RE: Stock Up on Berries! 🍓

Those berries are stunning! And how awesome is that to be able to just go pick straight from nature right in the woods? Sad to say that is definitely not the case here, though at least we have plenty of local farms and patches to buy from. I am getting excited about apple season, too. The berries are pretty much done now, and I just savored one of the last fresh peaches this morning!


Thank you @planstoplanks! 😊 Here the strawberries are pretty much done, but e.g. blueberries and currants still have some time left. I think it's great when people buy berries, fruits and vegetables directly from local farmers, that's the best way to support them! 😊 I'm also really looking forward to apple season, and I think Steemit will be full of delicious apple recipes to try! 😋 Oh, and one more thing I have to mention, I'd love to have fresh peaches from the garden as well, they're so juicy and delicious! Unfortunately we don't grow peaches here in Finland but in the past I've had the opportunity to savor them in South Europe!

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