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RE: Stock Up on Berries! 🍓

Aww, those colors make we want to jump right into the forest and start collecting my own batch of berries! I especially like gooseberries, but maybe that just because I get to eat them very rarely.

Berries are pretty much the only thing I miss about Europe right now, crazy raw vegans, right? 😄


Gooseberries are so gooood! I always eat too much of them at once and end up with a stomach ache... But it's totally worth it! 😅

I can understand you missing Europe for the berries, always when traveling we miss the flavors, and in this case berries, of home! And who doesn't love fresh berries? 😋

Normally I had never such an abundance of gooseberries only just a few from some bushes, but I might behave in the same way 😋

The grass is always greener on the other side ☺️

Haha, it's always greener on the other side! 😁

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