Full Spectrum - Deciduous Pawpaw tree

in #fullspectrum3 years ago

The Paw-Paw is a fruit bearing tree that is Deciduous in the climate seen in these photos. During the winter it will shed its leaves and remain as sticks until the spring time. It is a very fast growing tree, a few feet of growth every year.


The above image is my entry for #treetuesday - deciduous_tree by @old-guy-photos

I shot these in full spectrum, using no filters and only correcting for white balance. The plant may look different, this is due to light in the broad infrared and broad ultraviolet are being reflected back into my cameras modified sensor.

For more info on my camera, see this video: https://steemit.com/photography/@solominer/vqgcrs3x


The second photo is the lower part of the plant, not completely covered in sunlight. Interesting how the shade shows more infrared and ultraviolet, probably cause by diffuse reflection around the plant.


@nevlu123 made me the above animation, great work! Much appreciated.

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