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RE: OBVIOUSLY 2018 Is Not Going To Be A Year That Many Of Us Will Be Able To Simply Sit Back And Watch!

Resteemed. You are knowledgeable on how they are drugging these kids. I have not heard anyone before reading this even mention they were being drugged at such an alarming rate, although I can't say I am surprised. They have a scary percentage of adults on that crap too.


@practicalthought, have you been approached yet to join the @informationwar community? I see from the quality and passion of your work that you may enjoy the like-minded company, although it seems you already have a great deal of support.

I have not been approached, no. I am guessing it involves the discord channel as I have had several invites to check it out. I may indeed give it a try as another author here who is a historian invited me to come there and I am addicted to learning.

I really don't have much of any support, it only appeared as such due to me testing out the vote bots to see if the increased visibility would help my growth here. I can say I am through testing that, the results are in. I lost money, the bot owners gained money and I didn't really gain any attention. Pretty much all of my followers who actually comment and talk with me were a result of my commenting on their/others posts.

I appreciate your assessment of my quality, but as of yet not many have been able to find my writing to know whether they would agree with your sentiment. So on my next post it will be back to crumbs for me, but they will be my crumbs at least.

Hi @practicalthought. Sorry to hear about those bad bots! I was just cursing them earlier for what I thought was sure to be a con-game. Glad I never tried - thanks for the heads-up!

Try using the hashtag #informationwar if you think you're stories are aligned with the community. @stevescoins recently started a discord channel for us and we now used it to help promote our content, among other things. Steve and the crew have done an awesome job of growing our community. You know a few of em. There is also a lot of potential for cross-pollenation (contact sharing, resteeming, etc) that needs to be exploited on this site. It's built for that. We'll talk about that in more detail later

There's a fair bit of info on here about it...but I'm too tired to track it right now...about to log off. Don't want to hog or derail vickie's (sorry @vickiebarker !) comment section so I'll try and comment on your content tmrw. Or, start a new thread on one of my posts. Ttyl, have a good one.

Thank you for the reSteem, it is appreciated. Yes, far too many are being prescribed these mind-altering drugs. Frightening to think that society as a whole has widely accepted this practice as "normal".