[Family Protection] In Memory of Alyssa Mae

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A little angel that was here only a short while and gone all too soon. Alyssa, to me, represents the many 1,000's of babies that have died while in CPS custody. Heartbreaking as it is, Alyssa's story, although short, will be a life long one for her mother and family and it does need to be told.


I first became aware of Alyssa and her mother's situation in late Dec. 2017. A friend contacted me with the request to put out an SOS asking for donations to help a mother raise enough funds for rent and car repair.

Soon after moving to Washington state Alyssa's daddy left the home and her and her mother were stranded with no way to pay for rent. Alyssa and mother ended up in a shelter.

CPS abducted 5 month old Alyssa from her mother and placed her in foster care. Alyssa was breastfed at the time. When CPS removed her the foster mother was using donated breast milk rather than allowing the mother to contribute. This however stopped soon after and Alyssa was put on formula when it became too inconvenient for the foster mom to acquire.

Alyssa's mother was allowed only weekly visits.

In January things started to look hopeful as the money for rent and car repair came in. CPS was requiring the mother to have it all in place before they would return the baby.

On her last weekly visit the mother noticed that baby Alyssa was suffering from a horrible diaper rash that was actually leaving blood in her diaper. She asked her worker if someone or even herself could take the baby to a doctor. This request was refused.

She was not allowed her next weeks visitation and was told it was because the baby was sick.

On January 12, 2018 her mother received THE CALL . Baby Alyssa was dead.

The only fortunate thing in all of this is that Alyssa's mother was able to have an attorney who was following this case and helping with documentation.

The mother was denied seeing her baby's body for 2 days for the reason stated "they" were going to determine time of death and cause of death.

The medical examination finally determined time of death at close to 4:00am and the cause was claimed as SIDS. HOWEVER, it was clearly documented that the first emergency call from the foster mom came in at just a little after 11:00am on that same day.

Alyssa's mother was not notified until after 4:00 PM.

Alyssa's mother has been asking for a second autopsy which she had to pay for but since she was no longer required to rent an apartment those funds could be used for the second autopsy. (still waiting on any reports concerning the second autopsy)

The next challenge for Alyssa's mom was collecting enough funds to have her baby's body shipped to her home state for a proper burial.

The next and life-long challenge for Alyssa's mom is now carrying the love and loss of this beautiful little child with her forever while cherishing the short time Alyssa was here.

Baby Alyssa Mae you will not be forgotten

(Watch with a tissue)

R.I.P. Little Angel


I was not going to report on this until the second autopsy had been completed and released but it is obvious to me now that this is yet another story that will be buried from public view.

I was inspired to go ahead and get Alyssa's story out now after seeing a post today from @richq11 in which Youtube has already censored the video he included.

Just this morning while researching another death of a 3 month old who died in foster care this year in Philadelphia I noticed another video being erased not from Youtube but from the original online news broadcast itself. Here is that story.

This is yet another reason @familyprotection is so important. We now have the ability to assure that these stories will remain available to the public by using the Blockchain platform. It is also a relief to know that the team at Familly Protection is dedicated to the mission at hand and with the efforts of all the members/bloggers/researchers/writers/investigators we will preserve the truth.

100% of the SBD from this post will be donated to
@familyprotection in memory of Little Alyssa Mae

Approval to use Alyssa's profile pic was granted by her mother


If you or someone you know is or has been violated with the overstep of authority by CPS (Child Protective Service) and you would like to share your story or learn more, please follow @familyprotection and its creators @canadian-coconut and @markwhittam


Many believe in the power of a collective effort




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I'm at a loss for words. This cannot continue. @ironshield

Writing this through teary eyes wasn't easy either. I don't know if we will ever see the world made right. But until these little ones are safe from the tyranny of over-reaching, over-funded government agencies I don't know how we can accept the "status quo" any longer.

Sad story the words fail me, RIP little princess.

Little Allysa,
You came forth strong
From your mother's womb sweet
You were loved through
By your mother's heart dear
You are remembered always
By your mother's heart sweet
You are remembered Alyssa
Short or long,
A heart loved you Dear.

Thank you Vickie.

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I'm too angry to comment.

I'm too sad to not say anything.

There is absolutely NO LOGICAL reason for things like this to happen. NONE!

They stole a nursing baby from her mother and killed her.

I'm too angry to write anything about this right now.

I think I'll go nurse my 3.5 month old again. Not that he really needs it. But at least I still have him.

Heartbreaker death of the baby, but just not enough information here to make a judgment besides the situation is really sad.

I live in WA and there are a LOT of people unhappy with CPS, would you be able to state what County this happened in.

I understand if you can't say. My question is more curiosity than anything else.

It was right here in Washington State. In the Seattle area. Her last name is Fero. I've been watching information on this continue to disappear. I realize some of it may have been taken off social networks at the recommendation of her attorney. Apparently CPS was copying pictures off the mother's FaceBook account. There were other notes of the case prior to death sprinkled around the internet, but I no longer see those either.

Soon after moving to Washington state Alyssa's daddy left the home and her and her mother were stranded with no way to pay for rent. Alyssa and mother ended up in a shelter.

And since you are in WA, should you happen across any new information I would appreciate a heads up. Alyssa's mom is really having a hard time with this and although I'm not in contact with her now as she is getting back to her home state I am still in contact with a friend of hers. However since the baby died in CPS custody I rather doubt we will see much in the mainstream news about it.

I don't believe this whole SIDS thing. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen, but it seems to happen far too often when CPS or foster care is involved. I believe they use it as a cover up... when is the last time you remember them taking responsibility for anything???

I am with you on that for sure. The SIDS thing although some may be explained as that I suppose, I think many are also the after effects of a recent vaccine. I wonder how quickly those children going into foster care are getting vaccinated. (We know the pharma is on the payroll with so many foster kids being medicated, figure they roll the vaccines right along too)

I wouldn't be the least surprised if Vaccinations have something to do with it. My sister in law had a baby die of SIDS (that was the cause given). I know this woman and she loved that baby more than herself- so it was something other than anything she did... That much I know. Vaccines sounds plausible.

My first wife had a theory that babies somehow forget how to breathe (don't ask me) For the first year we always kept the crib right next to our bed so they could subconsciously hear us. I'm always suspect of abuse in foster care, probably because of my own experience.

Oh this story is heartbreaking! I grew up in Upstate NY and we saw many similar stories to this one there. It seems that the mother in this case needed help caring for herself and her child, not necessarily for the child to be taken from her. Why couldn't local services help her get into an apartment instead? I grew up with foster siblings in the home and what they had endured while "in the system" was terrible and tragic. RIP little angel.

Absolutely no words really to describe. No logic, no common sense. The cost of getting an apartment for her and the needed car repairs would have been far less expensive than the cost of foster care placement and all the administration costs that go with it. I am pretty sure that in most places I've lived there was always a crisis shelter for mom's and their children. many of those however were operated by private charities from mostly local funding. Seems CPS by-passes those options completely.

I hope there are at least some of us here in the U.S. that will help follow the new Family First law and begin holding the agencies and their cohorts accountable to follow the law. (still my question remains, Did They Get the Memo?) I've witnessed the flow of new policies within government bureaucracy and have to say that many times with new policy/law and procedural changes the trickle down effect doesn't work there either. Widespread implementation sometimes does not come so quickly.

You may want to write up some stories of those children you witnessed in foster care and share their stories here on FP (you can change names to protect the innocent). So much harm to the innocent and too few in the general public realize it is happening on such a large scale. Thank you and Bless you for your comment here @socent My best to you!

Is FP your page? I can write something up if you would like me to on the foster care system when I was growing up. Let me know what you think and if that would help. I understand the reason behind the system but there are so many holes in the system that so many kids fall through and no one really seems to care because there are so many in the system that it seems they lose track of them. There should definitely be more accountability and the children/teens should be treated like human beings and not like numbers or cattle that need herding. Good work for sharing this story of a failed system. Keep up the good work!

Family Protection was started by @markwhittham with a great deal of help from @canadian-coconut The actual FP is a group effort with many dear people sharing their personal stories, researching the bigger picture of how CPS has turned in to a "cash for kids" system, and many investigators that are trying to find the answer as to how to put a stop to this abuse and insanity. Here is a post from Mark that helps explain FP:

Great! I will look into it. Thanks for the info!

I wonder what's going through the mind of the parents,stay strong and believe, good things awaits you.patience and peace.

There is no patience and peace for this family and for the 1,000's of others that live with the abuse of CPS. There can be no peace until this vile and invasive agency is exposed, held accountable and is dissolved. This is why we are here, to stop this maddness and prevent the continued funding of an agency that works only to destroy families and use children as their funding source.

I wonder what's going through the mind of the parents,stay strong and believe, good things awaits you.patience and peace.