OBVIOUSLY 2018 Is Not Going To Be A Year That Many Of Us Will Be Able To Simply Sit Back And Watch!

I recently received an e-mail from Brad Parscale who is the campaign manager for President Trump. He is currently testing the waters of the American people here in the U.S. and posed several questions. I thought I would share a few of those questions and my answers here with you today. Food for thought!



QUESTION 1: Which issue do you want to see prioritized more?

ANSWER: There are agencies, organizations and systems within the communities and states receiving federal funding that have overstepped their legal authority and are stripping families and children of their natural and constitutional rights.

QUESTION 2: Do you believe background checks for purchasing firearms need to be enhanced to include the mentally ill?

ANSWER: Before I can truthfully answer that question I must have you first answer this question: How will the "mentally ill" be identified?

BECAUSE: The last full statistics that I have in front of me states that over 78 MILLION people in the US are prescribed psychiatric drugs. With over a million of those being children 0 to 5 years old.

Even the DSM-IV (manual used by practitioners for diagnosing mental health issues) acknowledges the association of akathisia with suicidality and states: "Akathisia may be associated with dysphoria, irritability, aggression, or suicide attempts." Dr Glenmullen states further: "Akathisia makes people profoundly agitated, uncomfortable in their own skin and impulsive. It erodes judgment and can lower their threshold to become violent toward themselves or others".

With that said it is only reasonable to conclude that there is a deeper story that needs to be addressed maybe even before looking at additional forms of gun control. Just a few minutes spent at this site will validate my concerns: https://ssristories.org/.

Some of the concerns this nation and our current administration should note is this:

As far back as 2011, when there were a reported 645,000 moving through Foster Care, the U.S. Government's Government Accountability Office (GAO) concluded a 2 year long investigation with a report which ABC News was given exclusive access to. The report explained that 5 states were reviewed: Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon and Texas.

GAO reviewed nearly 100,000 foster children in these five states. Their findings were: More than one-fourth of foster children were prescribed at least one psychiatric drug. Thousands of these were being prescribed psychiatric medications at higher doses than the maximum approved by the FDA. Hundreds of these foster children were receiving 5 or more psychiatric drugs at the same time. There is absolutely no evidence supporting the simultaneous use or safety of these drugs taken together.

Other studies have revealed that youth in foster care covered by Medicaid insurance receive psychotropic medication at a rate 3 times higher than those of Medicaid-insured youth qualifying with low family income standards.

PLEASE NOTE: The use of expensive, brand name, patent protected medication was prevalent. In the case of SSRIs the use of the most expensive medications was noted to be 74%; in the general market only 28% are for brand name SSRI's vs generics. The average out-of-pocket expense per prescription was $34.75 for generics and $90.17 for branded products, a $55.42, difference.

QUESTION 3: What else do you think the President needs to know about the real America? We’re listening!

ANSWER: The agencies funded by the federal government, CPS (child protective services) along with their cohorts in crime, the Family Court System, have become nothing more than a child trafficking scheme.

With only minimal research it is easy to find CPS agencies are missing children, have "lost" case files, include horrendous physical, mental and emotional attacks on many of these children and often resulting in death while in CPS custody. This of course is not being made public.

This is taking its toll on family and children's rights to feel secure in their homes and the economic society in this nation as well.

The families' religious and conscious belief systems are not only abused but overlooked entirely. This leads to the breakdown of the family model, loss of jobs, vehicles and homes. It leads to a more dysfunctional society and more often than not also feeds the pharmaceutical and prison industry. The children that do age out of the system, many times end up homeless, in jail or prison as there is no means for transition of any kind.

I initially had high hopes for the new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division which was established within the HHS but it is not streamlined to address or take up specific issues concerning mandatory vaccination and homeschooling which are two primary elements the CPS agencies are using to gain access to families' homes and children's schools.

I do want to thank Arina Grossu who is the Conscience and Religious Freedom (CRF) Division contact within Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Civil Rights (OCR) for addressing the issue on vaccinations by giving us a step by step process to formally "request" that the issue of mandatory vaccinations be taken into consideration. The CRF currently however does not provide a method of reporting abuse from CPS specifically.

I was also hopeful with the U.S. President signing the Buchanan Bill into law. It appears to be aimed at keeping Families TOGETHER, however it apparently is one of those "we didn't get the memo" deals because I see no public attention being paid to this new law. I realize there are many things the owners of the MSM simply do not want the public to know and of course the CPS will undoubtedly find alternate ways to achieve their goal so they may continue their supply of children for dollars.

It is a very sad day to know that the U.S. will allow and PAY for the exploitation of some of our most vulnerable citizens in this nation without regard for human life and the sanctity of family.


Although I have included internal links to my previous posts here as an option for additional research for our Steemit community I did not include the links in my original response to Mr. Parscale.

I have tagged #familyprotection #informationwar #homeschooling and #vaccination in hopes it will help move us toward a more Fully Informed Public.

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Many believe in the power of a collective effort




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While i do love your responses, my gut instinct is that this current administration doesn't really give a shit about we, the people, unless we are high dollar contributors to his repugnant campaign. Upvoted in the quest for peace and freedom

Thank you for your response and upvote, it is appreciated. I have no faith in the system itself as government has not proved worthy in the past. Our hope however is to use this administration to the best we can to not only expose the internal workings of the CPS agencies but help direct the course of funding and oversight. With the signing of the Buchanan bill into law recently we have at least stepped up to the plate in protecting further removal of innocent children from innocent families. (Now to get those already taken in to CPS custody back home with their families is another priority)

There are a couple of things actually working in favor of families and children with this administration. One is that the administration's team developed to stop human trafficking and child sex-trafficking are finding out how evil and how very deep that particular rabbit hole goes. The second is that this new president happens to have an economic background rather than a political one. This means that government waste and no accountability will grab any businessman's attention.

The road is not easy that is true, but many are finding they can not simply sit idly by and only complain but are instead moved to act from the convictions of their own hearts to do what little that can be done to find some sense of balance to improve a most horrible practice.

One of my favorite quotes:

“I am only one, but I am one. I can't do everything, but I can do something." ~Edward Everett Hale

Let peace BE the journey!

Resteemed, this is actual activism turnt into action! :D

Thank you and appreciate the reSteem!

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Nice job. I like the artistic style on your posts, on top of the fact they're well written and informative.

Thank you for the boost of appreciation it is always welcomed and graciously received.

Resteemed. You are knowledgeable on how they are drugging these kids. I have not heard anyone before reading this even mention they were being drugged at such an alarming rate, although I can't say I am surprised. They have a scary percentage of adults on that crap too.

@practicalthought, have you been approached yet to join the @informationwar community? I see from the quality and passion of your work that you may enjoy the like-minded company, although it seems you already have a great deal of support.

I have not been approached, no. I am guessing it involves the discord channel as I have had several invites to check it out. I may indeed give it a try as another author here who is a historian invited me to come there and I am addicted to learning.

I really don't have much of any support, it only appeared as such due to me testing out the vote bots to see if the increased visibility would help my growth here. I can say I am through testing that, the results are in. I lost money, the bot owners gained money and I didn't really gain any attention. Pretty much all of my followers who actually comment and talk with me were a result of my commenting on their/others posts.

I appreciate your assessment of my quality, but as of yet not many have been able to find my writing to know whether they would agree with your sentiment. So on my next post it will be back to crumbs for me, but they will be my crumbs at least.

Hi @practicalthought. Sorry to hear about those bad bots! I was just cursing them earlier for what I thought was sure to be a con-game. Glad I never tried - thanks for the heads-up!

Try using the hashtag #informationwar if you think you're stories are aligned with the community. @stevescoins recently started a discord channel for us and we now used it to help promote our content, among other things. Steve and the crew have done an awesome job of growing our community. You know a few of em. There is also a lot of potential for cross-pollenation (contact sharing, resteeming, etc) that needs to be exploited on this site. It's built for that. We'll talk about that in more detail later

There's a fair bit of info on here about it...but I'm too tired to track it right now...about to log off. Don't want to hog or derail vickie's (sorry @vickiebarker !) comment section so I'll try and comment on your content tmrw. Or, start a new thread on one of my posts. Ttyl, have a good one.

Thank you for the reSteem, it is appreciated. Yes, far too many are being prescribed these mind-altering drugs. Frightening to think that society as a whole has widely accepted this practice as "normal".

The President NEEDS to read your replies. You hold the answers that can help families.
P.S. Thank you for the advice you offered George , you were of much help than you know.!. Thanks Vickie

Let us hope he does and listens to the people. Wouldn't take much for him to assign investigations into the practices of this most obvious criminal organization we've come to call CPS. Am glad I was able to help George, sometimes it is help just knowing others know what we must sometimes go through. I wish him the best and his children.

The 6 PM your time prayer is a great united idea for the world for sure.

Thank you @joeyarnoldvn I'd really like to spend some time promoting it more. Maybe that will happen soon.

Should we miss our own 6pm, just wait until the next top of the hour, it will be 6pm somewhere, we simply join in with them :) Thank you for your comment. We hope to feel you there!

This is quite disturbing, this information about them drugging these children is something that needs very urgent attention, it's beginning to sound more like organised crime and should be stopped at all cost.

Very disturbing and a great area of concern, or should be. The numbers continue to grow unfortunately. Going to take a more fully informed public to make the difference. Thank you for your comment.

There are a thousand mental patients who never attend health care therefore they are not part of evaluations or consumption of psychopharmaceuticals, I sincerely hope that some of this publication will be launched. My last publication is intended to provide tools to parents who go through urgent situations for the CPS, I hope you read it

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