We Are Not Sheep AND We Are Not Asleep. Here Is To Another Happy Ending!

In a more perfect world, we the people, should be able to tune in to our mainstream media (MSM) and hope that simple alerts to challenges and changes that we may face would be reported. However, obviously we do not yet have "that more perfect world" and certainly can not use MSM as our "go to" channel for the real news.


MSM, as most of us here now know, are paid to give us the "narrative" of the day whether we want it or need it. To move to a more Fully Informed Public we must do what we have not done before and find alternate ways to get the real news to those that need it the most.

So "What can we do?"

We can learn how to research on our own or at the very least find individuals, groups and organizations that are researching and working toward protecting our most fundamental natural rights. We have the technology that now allows us to do the most basic as well as the complicated research from the convenience of our own homes. The Internet.

We can find and/or develop through coordinated efforts a go to source for REAL NEWS. News that can alert us to issues that may need addressing. Issues that pertain to our personal needs, in our respective areas and which may effect the well being of our most precious gift and responsibility, Our FAMILY.

Why is this important?


On March 18 2018, just 7 days ago, a curious bit of legislation called HB 707 was being made ready to be presented to Congress here in the state of Idaho. Being my home state this has taken priority for the last several days.

At first glance and to most of John Q Public the Statement of Purpose would seem rather harmless as it purports to be a bill more for "clarification" on current law.

ScreenHunter 20.png
screen capture

When one actually makes the time to read the entire bill they come to what should be a "glaring" concern. The part of the bill I am referencing is on Page 6 Lines 8-17.


It now becomes clear what this proposed bill is aiming to do. It will give CPS, through the Idaho Dept. of Health and Welfare (IDHW), the authority to authorize surgery, vaccines, mental evaluations, medications, etc. BEFORE a shelter care hearing even if a parent who has NOT lost custody objects to the procedure(s).

It is good to note here also that 66% of children here in Idaho that have been taken into custody by IDHW/CPS were returned to their parents AFTER a shelter care hearing.

Many times, just as this proposed bill proves, requests for change of rules, policies, procedures and laws are being created under the cover of darkness. It is far past the time for us to shed some light on these encroachments which continue to destabilize the sanctity of family and show them we are in fact NOT ASLEEP.



I was VERY relieved to receive this update just hours ago:

UPDATE! HB 707 bill died in committee, it wasn't heard or voted upon. A bill number was printed and it was 'laid to rest' in the Chairman's drawer. Some suspect that it was brought forth to see if the public was paying attention. We were and they know it!


It really is a coordinated effort here in the State of Idaho, and anywhere, when we are able to prevent further loss of our human natural rights. Very few can "go it alone" and make a difference.

This is yet another reason @familyprotection is such a valuable community. We have the ability to combine and coordinate efforts and information AND to use those efforts and information to their fullest potential should we desire and choose to do so.


If you or someone you know is or has been violated with the overstep of authority by CPS (Child Protective Service) and you would like to share your story or learn more, please follow @familyprotection and its creators @canadian-coconut and @markwhittam


Many believe in the power of a collective effort




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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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It is so good to hear that the bill did not pass.
That seems like it was a close call. I hope that the people in all states/provinces/countries continue to pay more and more attention to the corrupt laws that they are trying to sneak in.

Yes, it could have easily been missed. Grateful the guiding light shined for the eyes that were open. Just think, this was only a 9 page bill from a small state. I can only imagine what is being submitted in other states right now. I have no idea how laws are created in other countries and honestly at this point it doesn't matter because their enforcement and end results appear to be consistent around the world.

Makes me wonder... Occam's razor What is the common international thread between them all?

That was a close shave!
Yes, people are not asleep anymore, this kind of thing would would go largely unnoticed until recently, we still have a long way to go but I believe the future is bright!

Indeed we are not asleep. This bill would have given the CPS more power to authorize health care (vaccines, surgery etc.) wow. IT is good it died in committee. Doesn't this monster have enough power to abuse? Whoever was promoting the legislation should be voted out. BTW I see you mentioned you are from Idaho. According to expert survivalist Joel Skousen, both Idaho (where he lives) and Utah are the two best states to be living in when the shit hits the fan. I am envious of you. LOL thanks. @ vickiebarker

This 11th hour approach had me wondering "why?". Who whispered into the ear or lined the pockets of the Rep. that sponsored the bill? Then I thought about the new Law that came out from the Buchanan bill. It is now federal law that CPS make other provisions available so that children will STAY in the home until the situation can be cleared up (except of course emergency situations).

Since the HR707 approach was directed more toward the medical and mental health it does make me wonder if CPS saw this as a way to continue feeding the pharma industry while they still can. I have a feeling at some point in the chain of funding we will see an obvious link between big pharma and the CPS agency. We simply have to dig a bit deeper into ALL of their funding sources and possible gratuities they may be receiving.

Yes, living in Idaho feels right to me. I won't lie though, the elements here can be brutal in the winter, but I've about solved that problem. I simply have learned to "stock up" and hunker down for at least 4 months out of the year. :) Some call me a hermit but I say I'm more like a bear and simply hibernate!

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I agree it is good to look for the real news and to know your rights also to stay alert. But to be honest I also do believe we already lost our human natural rights a long time ago. Most people even did not notice it. In many ways we are all property of the state. Good that bill did not pass I hope they will not pass an other, look alike, unnoticed.

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