Blue Bird of Happiness?

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This morning from my kitchen window I saw a flash of blue at the birdbath! The birdbath has been there for many years but only a few birds use it. More often I see a neighborhood cat hop up to take a drink. Maybe the birds are smart to stay away! But today there was a flash of blue so I looked again. I saw two young mockingbirds but they are grey and white, not blue. I looked a little longer and back came the blue bird! He didn't like them using 'his' birdbath so he chased them away.


My Bird Bath!

Satisfied, he looked around and flew off again. A moment later the mockingbirds were back. Were they taunting him?

He seemed to think so because he came back to chase them away again. He flew off, they came back. Was this some kind of bird game?

I think the birds took it more seriously than just a game. I was the only one laughing!

He chased them away, they went somewhere else, and then there were no birds at the birdbath at all.


Was it a Bluebird of Happiness?
Not exactly, where I live the only blue-colored birds are California Scrub Jays. He brought me happiness, watching him. But the mockingbirds have a different opinion!

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We have lots of Jays here! and I have a new camera I have been chasing birds with :) but no mocking birds. I like the Jays also. They are really active and fun to watch. If not always good at playing with others ha ha

MUCH nicer photos than mine! (I used my phone's camera, it gets less detail.) The jays aren't year-round here, usually just in the spring and fall, so I figure we're on their migration path. But they sure make themselves known when they are here!

That's a spectacular show in the morning @donna-metcalfe 😉 beautiful blue bird and i hope it is blue bird of happiness😉 I think it brings you more happines this morning and perhaps more happiness through the day too.

It was a special treat and I think it did bring a happy day for me!

And lucky you.. you can capture its pictures so well😉 so it is really look like a bird! I guess you can't get the mocking birds pictures because everything happened so fast .. uhhmm.. I can spend a whole day to watch birds 😊

The scrub jay was a bold fellow and he didn't mind me taking his picture. The mockingbirds are more shy. I think because they are young. They do a funny courting dance - they just hop up and down, hop, hop, hop, in one place in front of another bird. But I have seen three of the young ones hop in front of each other, each taking a turn. Are they confused about which is a boy and which a girl? Are they practicing, like learning how to dance? I would like to capture that with my camera but if they see me they take their dancing elsewhere. The adult mockingbirds are fierce! They will chase cats away, flying and pecking at them. I have seen them chase away a big raven too, and even sometimes people! But I think that is when they have young in their nests.

Are they confused about which is a boy and which a girl? Are they practicing, like learning how to dance? I would like to capture that with my camera but if they see me they take their dancing elsewhere.

I think they're practicing to mock on each other during their young age..LOL, I don;t think we have mocking birds here in Índonesia, I read that mockingbirds can record 200 songs through their lifetime

Practicing for their courtship in the spring is a good guess.

I don't know how many songs our birds know but a possible 200 doesn't surprise me. Their natural voice is a high screech but when they get to singing it can be very beautiful. One pair makes a nest in a tree near the window where I use my computer and they know many songs. They will sing for hours. I don't know what their message is but they seem happy with it.

My mother told me that here if you hear a bird singing in the night it is a mockingbird. There are other night birds but they don't sing. If I didn't know that I would think there were many varieties of birds singing outside my window!

Do you have myna birds there? My uncle had one that learned some human speech. A few words but its favorite things was to whistle for the dog and then make a human laugh when the dog showed up. :-)

Myna bird? I think we called it Beo here, yess! Somehow a bird living next to my shop screeming my husband name's sometimes 😂😂😂 the nightangle is a bird who could record to 300 songs and mockingbirds 200.. we call it here "singing bird" though for me it sound like chirping. 😊

Aahh.. talking about birds.. I still curious what's the night bird that somehow stop screeching near my house at night after I saw it when I came back from jogja last september, I saw it when we're walking back to the hotel when we're in Jogja, I told my hubby "is it possible the bird is following us?" He didn't say anything. But I still heard it every night when we're in Jogja. Then.. When we arrived at the bus pool from jogja, I saw it again screeching then stand at the highest telecom tower building at the opposite of us, told husband about it.. then I wave my hand to it, told that we're save... and since then, I never heard it screeching around my house anymore. That's strange right?

That IS strange - to hear the bird every night when you are away from home, then hear it again when you first arrived back? Maybe a guardian bird? I'd like to know what kind of bird it was too.

A bird that calls your husband's name? LOL So, it is imitating your voice? :-)

I love the name beo for a bird. Once at a friend's house I heard a beautiful bird call. It sounded like water bubbling over river stones. She said it was a nightingale. Also near her house live hundreds of wild parrots! Probably from a couple that escaped their cages years ago because it isn't a natural parrot territory. They don't come by my house even though it is only 10 miles away. We only have common birds here!

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