🍷Wine Tasting in Winter, California! 🍷

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I really enjoy living in Sacramento, because there are so many interesting things to do where I live. You can go explore the mountains in Lake Tahoe, have a fun day exploring the city of San Francisco, or go wine tasting. One weekend, Wasana, Maeley and I decided to go wine tasting in Winters, California. This quaint town is filled with cute restaurants and shops.

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One of our stops was visiting Berryessa Brewery Company! This spot makes their own beer and wine. After wine tasting, we decided to go with the Petite Sirah.

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I made a funny video on our wine tasting experience! With good company, everything is a blast.

What fun activities do you like to do with your friends? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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Hiii karen!! As i promised here's the update of your drawing,

I also made this one for the three of you

AWW THANKS!! I'll have to check out the post!

Ues you definitely have to ^^

I hope i did great hehehee!

I don't want to say how I feel about these images but I did laughed out loud.

You really did a wonderful job @soufiani

Ooh thanks buddy i love such positive feedbacks <3

Yay wine tasting! Those are big pours in the first shot! 😜😜🍷

hahaha! That's what I thought! My friend Wasana, is an expert wine drinker hahah so I left it up to her! When you guys visit California, we can all go tasting together! :) We have a couple spots in mind to take ya'll to! :)

I don't really like the taste of whine. Or most kinds of alcohol for the most part.

Not my cup of tea. I prefer tea.

hahah! I love tea as well! :)

Which one is your favorite?

Green tea for me, every day of the weak.

OhHH I love coconut green tea!

Don't think I have ever even heard about that!

Everything taste the same? 😀😁😀

You guys really had a nice wine tasting outing with two different bottles from same source.

Taking wine is now on my mind 😀

hahahah! :) Yes! Most wine tastings are about the same to me! But I still have a blast :)

You are lucky to live up north where all the good wineries are! Here in San Diego we have a few in Temecula and down in Baja. But you lucky ducks have all the good ones ☺️

Oh man, but you have the beach! I love San Diego! :)

Trade for a day? Haha
Lovely eve to you!

Haha yes! That would be the best of both worlds!

It's e best job specially for indians.