Phenominator levitating anti-gravity toy

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A quick demonstration of the Phenominator; a magnetic levitation anti-gravity toy.


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Hmm again something cool and interesting from you. At first I thought it was a scam, but when you crossed with hand above I figured it was really in the air. I do not know if this is really possible and if is, does it happend because of magnitude field?

Yes, it's a magnetic field. The clue was in the description :)

Hahaha I looked but didn't see, btw interesting video and I hope this technology will be perfected one day, it has potential :)

Have you heard of Maglev trains?

I did, is that somewhere in Japan, or China?? And are that trains in use? Probably that cost too much to build so i am little bit sceptical about if maglev trains would be future of travel 😊

Really cool toy u got there 😱
But its only played like tht?like music box? Whre the music some from?

The music was added afterwards to make the video more interesting. The toy itself is silent.

Oo i thought its sound from the toy..
That cool toy, if the music come from tht toy, it will be hipnotic while we listen to the music and focus to the spinning thing above the toy. 😆

Wow, it reminded me the first time i went space, with magnetic levitation. Really cool toy :)

wow!! what a an amazing magnetic levitation anti-gravity toy. It's soo cool :)

I guess I saw a UFO! What was that, is this astronaut training or something?

Actually, I work in Electromagnetic Laboratory and I have never seen anything like this until now. Thanks for sharing this interesting toy with us. The choice of music is also nice.

Wow! It is amazing toy and also you have made great video. Its put back in childhood memories. I am missing my anti-gravity magnetic levitation.... where can I find you?

Awesome! I really enjoy your posts! Thanks!

Haha, this looks really funny @movievertigo, thanks for sharing! :D

I love it, it's great, I appreciate you for sharing it. @movievertigo