A cool cave I found in a hike in San Jose!

in #fun3 years ago


I love to find a hike whenever I visit cities! There’s so much different terrain all around the world. This past weekend I went to San Jose, California for a wedding and managed to squeeze in a morning hike at Castle Rock state park. There was a lot of interesting rock formations to see on the trail. Of course I couldn’t resist trying to climb on it!

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Looks like fun!

Sure was!! We don’t really have such cool rocks in Dallas haha

Great click ... it seems you enjoyed a lot at the cave.

Thank you! 😊

Looks nice! We don't have mountains here haha! Maybe a hill xd

Hahah much more mountainy than the flat sidewalks of Dallas :) pretty fun!

@polebird, Ha ha, this is amazing picture and it's not reflecting as an rock, instead it's reflecting as you are climbing on huge Dinosaur.

Yes, we are surrounded with so much beautiful aspects and sometimes these aspects becomes part of our moments.

And for sure this picture is came up as awesome, and i hope that you really enjoyed this Rock Climbing exploration.

And i believe that whenever we do the activities in morning then our whole day can move with more active essence and we can feel the joyful essence too.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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