@polebird: My Dynamic Rope Combo!

in #fun3 years ago (edited)

Celebrating 6 months of Rope :)

If you have been following along my aerial journey, you may remember that I started rope aka corde lisse early summer (at the time about 2.5 years into pole fitness). I am basically nearing my 6 month mark in rope, and it seems as it is getting easier for me to remember pathways for rope finally. During open aerial today, I attempted to tie together some tricks and a little bit of improv. Lo and behold, drum roll please the longest rope combo I have done yet! I even sped it up just a bit so it wouldn't drag on too long. :P It has some of my favorite elements - a fancy climb up, a propelled spin, and even a drop I learned just last week. It's neat to see effort slowly paying off over time. Thanks for watching my friends!



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Wow, that looks hard,great job!

Hey Pole! It's been a while!

Hi future!! Hope you are doing well :)

@polebird, Really awesome art you've performed and literally speaking this session hold different essence and i want to give an name to this particular art as Battle Art and that is because, this time it's reflecting as you were battling with the rope and you've used rope really effectively. Keep up and enjoy your art.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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