@polebird: How many spins until dizzying point?

in #fun3 years ago

Playing with movement and momentum on lyra during open aerial class was so much fun! By using one leg as an anchor point and using the "outside" leg to create so momentum by whipping it in a circular motion you can get quite a bit of variation of speed and spin. Here's a fun video of me spinning! Yes, I did get pretty dizzy after I tried this 3 times, and had to take a rest from it.

Thanks for watching,
Jess <3

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I can’t do spiny things anymore. You did great with that spin!

Hehe thank you! Which spins did you used to do though?? I couldn’t do much more after a few tries either lol!

Spins on rides at amusement parks. I can still do roller coasters, but not rides that just spin in circles.

Oo yeah I used to love those teacups!

Oh snap! I almost certainly would have passed out!

Lol!!! 😁


Hahah yeah!! It spins more than pole 😱

Quite a spin. It reminded me of my childhood games, we will spin then through the help of an adult, and after the person leaves us to ourselves, the whole world kept spinning around us

It was funny then because if one wanted to make a move in a haste after the spin, the floor will gladly welcome such ones.

I'm happy you're still making time for Lyra practice.

Thanks for sharing this .

Aww yes!! The spin that keeps on spinning. I did crash over on a gym mat after this Lyra spin lol and had to sit down 🤪

Lol. Please don't stress yourself so much :)

@polebird, Your smile is reflecting that you really had Fun Time with this Artistic Session. And in my opinion for sure this is unique one in all which I've watched previously. So keep up and enjoy your art.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

aww thank you my friend! so glad you enjoyed it!!! hope you are having a good weekend!

Welcome and yes i am having an pleasant weekend. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

That is pretty impressive.
There is no way I'll be able to do that since I get dizzy really fast and easy.

Glad to see you back, my friend.
Have a great day.

hehe thank you @joalvarez! I ended up a bit dizzy myself :P hope you are doing well my friend :)

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