@polebird: ❤️ I DID A THING! Southwest Pole championships 2018! ❤️

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It's finally done and it's been quite a weekend! This past weekend was the Southwest Pole championships for Pole Sport Organization (PSO). This is a pole competition that is open to anyone to join! There are both amateur and professional qualifying divisions. I competed in the top amateur division for my age group - crazy right?? (lol I didn't realize this until the day before!) I was so excited to perform and honored to compete against some awesome polers in the community! I've been working on a routine for this event for a couple months now at this point.


It was a pretty tiring day. Pole testing was at 7am - which means everyone there has an hour to "test" the poles out and see how fast the spinner spins, how far the poles are apart, etc. and my routine was not until the afternoon, so I had to wake up at 5:30a to get there on time. Competition day was a blur- I was running in circles around the dressing room, to the warm up room, to the theater to watch routines! I had a great time watching everyone perform their routines they worked so hard on - there were lots of different styles and levels.


My routine didn't go exactly as I had planned, but I ended up placing 4th in my category. The best thing about the weekend was the amount of support coming from friends, family, and the pole community! SO AMAZING!

My steemit friend @enternamehere even came to support, and although we missed each other through the hectic mess of competition, it truly warmed my heart that you came for me! THANK YOU GIRL, you rock!!


More to come on the process and videos too! Stay tuned my friends! :)



Congratulations great job!

Awesome a championship for poling! Congrats on fourth place :)

Hehe thank you future!

So the day finally came. A day you have waiting so desperately:)

Hahah I am glad it’s done, back to all the variety 😁

Congratulations! A very good result for something that didn't go as planned

Hehe thank you @nikv! I suppose when you think of it that way 😊 yes!

This is another great steemian I never want to miss posts,thanks for this today too..I love every move you do @polebird

Thank you my friend for all your support!

Oh I was preparing that competetion too I think I just missed the registriations now I'm sad

LOL! no biggie, there’s always next year haha!

Oh thats a relief I can train more my mega skills !

Congratulations @polebird it must be a great experience! :)
Btw I love the trick at the first photo, how does it called?

Thank you! I’m not sure I call it my fake Russian split haha

That is so exciting. I am so proud of you.
You did it and you did an amazing job getting 4th place.
So cool.
I can just imagine how crazy the day was for you, but you did it. Yay.

Aww thank you so much!! Hahahaha yesss it was quite a day like 13 hours there 🤪

Aw congrats!!! It doesn't look very amateur to me!!!

Thank you!! Hehe that makes me happy to hear 😀

@polebird, First of all congratulations for the fourth position and it's really great position when people comes out in numbers and when we have huge competition.

And the main aspect is, you've received effective support from all and that is an great motivational aspect for sure. And it's reflecting as you enjoyed this environment too.

Most of the time we get really excited and that's common too because we wait for these kind of competitive days where our true talent get an exposure and we can showcase what artistic talent we have.

I hope and wish that you will going to get more and more opportunities soon and definitely you will going to win it because, we have to enjoy our art and today or tomorrow we will going to reach to the heights.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you! It definitely brought out the competitive side in me, I appreciate all your support!

Welcome and thank you so much. Stay blessed. 🙂

Gaaah, how could I miss this post too?! Although we didn't quite catch your performance, the event was amazing fun and I'm so glad we went. It was a heck of an intro to the competitive side of pole.

Much respect to you and your art, Jess. The competition was stiff, congratulations on placing 4th!

<3 thank you!!! hehehe so glad it was a fun and memorable time for you!!

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