@polebird: ✨When your hair comes ALIVE ✨

in #fun3 years ago

Professional photos are back from my pole competition at the Southwest Pole Champioships by Pole Sport Organization! Upping my hair flip game was definitely on my pole goal list for 2018, so it makes me excited to see this fun capture mid flip!


Great photo and hair flip!

Hello my friend ... !!!
How are you ???
Very high quality photos. Good luck always for you @polebird.

Hi!!! It’s been a while :) I’m doing well hope you are too! Thank you!

Beautiful pro shot :)

Thank Xabi!

so many different definitions of perfection here and there @polebird,thanks for another beautiful yoga today. But looks like you appear tired and relaxing around the pole this time.

Hahah I suppose so!!

@polebird, Literally it's reflecting as your hair is showcasing the essence of aliveness and in my opinion it's an picture perfect essence.

And if we carefully watch the pole then for sure we can see the shine and that shine is making more amazing effect for sure.

And background and floor also hold the matching essence and making this picture more highlighting.

So enjoy your art and i hope and wish that you will going to get more amazing opportunities and good luck for future.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Yes! Your energy is radiating in this pic. The glowing red and glittering silver is a fantastic combination.

Great photo shot. Very cool.
Have a wonderful weekend @polebird

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