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Function X is an ecosystem of a global decentralized internet that is fully operated by the Blockchain technology, the Function X ecosystem comprises of five major component to make this internet decentralization possible and the Bob Phone also known as the XPhone is one of these components. The Function X ecosystem is fully integrated with the Blockchain technology same with the major components.


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The XPhone is a smartphone with the Android 9.0 operating system and also the world’s first fully integrated blockchain phone designed with amazing features unlike any other kind of smartphone in the market and XPhone users can toggle between both features that is users may decide to make use of the device as an Android or the Blockchain aspect. This is done to allow users enjoy the full capabilities of the blockchain and the common Android features. The XPhone is powered by the Function X ecosystem which is covered by the Blockchain Technology and runs on a new transmission protocol for the blockchain era this portray the versatile potential of the blockchain and how it expands above being used as a means of financial transaction tool.

The phones we currently make use of is centralized that is why they need service providers, these service providers are in-charge of transmitting your calls, messages, browsing e.t.c and this also gives them the advantage of listening on your calls, messages e.t.c thus your security is being compromised. Now, in this age of innovative technology the XPhone would really help in the aspect of security as data theft keeps becoming a daily issue, oh yes, the XPhone isn’t centralized and it can’t be because it operates with/on the blockchain technology thus fully decentralized. This makes the device needless of a service provider every phone calls, messages can be routed by users through Blockchain nodes without requiring a phone number.


The amazing features of the BOB Phone includes;

  1. Transparency of information.
  2. Provides users the advantage of designing their own apps on the blockchain (dApps).
  3. Lacks monopolists.
  4. No intermediaries for communication.
  5. Maximum and guaranteed security of both sent and received informations.
  6. Offers fair competition among service providers.
  7. Protection against user calls getting intercepted.

The BOB Phone is an amazing device and, finally, a permanent answer to daily data theft that every smartphone user suffers from, with this device no more back doors into your “private life” because even social media accounts will also be encrypted with the blockchain. This is a great revolution in this technological era and once again blockchain has shown its benefits to the world.

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