5km walk for Freedom and the End of Violence against Women and Girls in Africa powered by Steemcamp Project

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After the School visitation to over 800 female student and ABS radio interview We came out In Mass, We had to storm the streets of Awka Nigeria on our printed shirts and card boards.

We say No to Violence against women and Girls in Africa.

Yes we got response from the public and we happy to share a little mobile recording from the 5km walk below

steemcamp project to end violence against women in africa.jpg



Thanks to our supporter for this event.

Thanks @appics who was our major Sponsor

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Thanks to Wls-Africa

Thanks to Everyone who made it possible for the event to be achieved.
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This year is about to End and we also want to say thank you to @teamsteem @donkeypong @lukestokes @roelandp @surpassinggoogle @dimimp @steemnaira community @adsactly @promo-steem and supporting members of Nigeria community.You all Made the year outstanding for our projects. Thank You



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