CAREs AGAINST CANCER and the Distribution of Notebooks + cancer book to over 800 female students : Project Update

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As CHUKWUNWUKO NNENNA PRECIOUS DAMILOLA our guest speaker discussed on the topic called Cancer, in summary I present below.


Cancer is a disease of the breast which starts like a lumb in the breast and if not taken care of at the early stage results to an incurable sickness.


  1. Always go for checkups from time to time
  2. Check Your breast regularly mostly after your months flows
  3. Take antibiotics at least once a month Weather Sick or not

Always stay neat and healthy

After the presentation, We started sharing School Notebooks and a comprehensive book about cancer,solution and its preventions courtesy Queen of the South East Nigeria who is part of this epoch project..


Sure, we couldn't share the books to 800 students because we never expected much attendance and our we had limited supporters.

But We thank God for enabling us achieve a success Day 1 which was a combination of Abs Radio interview and the female secondary school visitation


Thanks to our supporter for this event.

Thanks @appics who was our major Sponsor

Thanks to @fundition fundition support steemcamp
Thanks to @YouArehope youarehope support steemcamp

Thanks to @Adsactly


Thanks to Wls-Africa

Thanks to Everyone who made it possible for the event to be achieved.
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Wow, keep spreading the message.

This is impressive. Well done.

Great project, good luck 🍀

Thank you very much

Great job from the stable of Steemcamp..

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