Project Update : Let's Unite to End Violence Against women

Greetings Everyone, Few days ago, We published an official announcement on fundition about our forthcoming epoch pet project tagged "Let's Unite to End Violence Against women which is aimed To Celebrate International day for Eliminating Violence Women and Girls
with all the explanation, event features and Fundraising budget are all stated via the link here!/@steemcamp/6u9t1icwl

After the post approval by Fundition, We went ahead to create the final publication design for the event

We are very happy to have our first supporter @youAreHope by @sircork

Below is the proof of donation
and an additional donation of 4.754steem by Sircork.
We really appreciate this donation and we will add your brand logo in our poster and make a copy of our T-shirt which will be worn for the 5km walk with more than 100 women on the streets in Nigeria
This is an example of what we tend to achieved during this 5km peaceful walk images (12).jpeg

Note: This is just one part of a full 3 days event.

  • We still have the football competition,
  • Radio
  • Crypto Women Conference

(Picture of our team first t-shirts used for preparation)

We hereby acknowledge your support and we will do the needful in Making this event become successful as we represent you all in our offline community.

Know About YouAreHope

A steem community support and worldwide humanitarian aid organization powered by steem and founded by @SirCork who is a witness, developer and a philanthropist.

Calling for More Support

Will you like to Support this event, kindly help us reach any of our budget goal on Fundition
Thanks in anticipation

Steemcamp Founder


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Happy to be able to help :) Good luck!

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