THE CF-M PROJECT update to 13-11-2020 - COVID-19 DOESN'T SCARE US

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Hello, all my friends Steemians. We have not written for a long time and we want to apologize to our supporters, unfortunately, the radical change of the Steem blockchain, the entry into the Hive market, the vicissitudes that have decreed therefore the total flattening of the crypto market and the increasingly gloomy atmosphere that is breathed due to this virus has diverted us a lot from the connection with you. As you may have seen from our last post on Hive Blog (a reference to the post), there has been much progress of the CooperFelix-Multiservices Project, finally, we managed to have access to the funds granted by the EU in the context of investments for the birth of new companies in Europe and especially in southern Italy. So we were able to start the project and inaugurate the activity as shown in the photos. However, this year has been positive for the project that saw its birth in a period not quite flourishing for the world economy, while it has been very negative due to this uncontrolled situation and poorly managed by the ruling class of our country. The project is only at the dawn, much more is to be done, the situation is unfortunately not absolutely favorable and the project risks ending in a crazy flop due to inconveniences with banks and suppliers, we ask for your support now more than ever with donations to the project. We call for the help of some whales that still roam in these murky waters in the hope of rising to the surface by thinning the dark blanket that envelops us.

With this post, we also want to inform our followers and supporters, that the composting process we implemented in the lockdown phase is getting the desired results. Below we show photos of the current situation.

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As can be seen from the photos, the heap of brambles, branches mown grass and brushwood, is slowly degrading into the humus of dark color, rich in nutrients for plants and crops. Let us note that, unlike what has been written so far, the degradation times are considerably longer because a very important pre-treatment process has not been implemented, which is precisely the shredding of the mowing. This inevitably lengthens the process of oxidation of the pile and therefore the process of degradation becomes much slower. We estimate that at the end of the degradation process, once the coarse screening procedure of the material has been carried out, you can obtain about one cubic meter of quality compost ready for sale for nurseries nearby or even private who intend to cultivate land with organic and completely natural products.

Below instead we show the current situation of a pre-treated pile in the phase of degradation.


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As you can see from the photo, the pile and, therefore, the biomass put to degrade, is greatly reduced and circumscribed by a coarsely constructed container, called composter. You can still see green layers alternating with darker layers, a sign that the degradation process is progressing in the right way. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to show you the smell that emanates from the pile, a very good undergrowth smell for nature lovers and solid. Everything goes according to nature. It is noted that in this case the degradation time is greatly reduced. The composter pictured has been filled in layers with shredded plant material through the use of our bio-shredder and with layers of organic material such as fruit peels, shredded eggshells, coffee laying, tea laying, and more. The process so far documented is about three and a half weeks. It would be really nice to have the opportunity to expand production and resell this product to farms and consortia, sensitizing entrepreneurs to choose natural methods of cultivation and sustainability of cultivars while respecting the environment and the people that the Earth feeds.

We ask for your help to support us, in view of better times and the arrival of other funds from the European Union that at the moment it does not seem to be willing to disburse. We are having problems with the company van, we ask your help for a symbolic donation of 50USD to reach in a reasonable time the sum of 100USD.




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