(UPDATE)Brave Shawn - A successful VP shunt operation of baby Shawn!

Fundition: A Fundraising Campaign that aims to support baby Shawn's Shunt Surgery


Brave Shawn

What a brave baby! A courageous son of God.

With every support and donations given by the community, everything just falls into the right place for baby Shawn. It was last Wednesday afternoon that baby Shawn had his shunt operation and it turned out to be a successful one. Jemae, Shawn's mother, happily gave me an update last day. Jemae also stated that because of the operation, her son can finally have his vision and perception back into normal along with his cranial getting back into the normal size too. It was due to his hydrocephalus that Shawn's vision is getting blurry.

As of now, the baby is regularly taking his medication and some antibiotics. He turned pale after the operation so Shawn needs a volume of blood for replenishment. They are also setting things for them to be discharged from the hospital. They worry about the possible health risks if they stay long in the ward.

Baby Shawn is a brave baby and I was amazed at how he shows his bravery towards the operation just to get well.

Latest Update

First Update(June 30, 2018)
Second Update(July 2, 2018)
Third Update(July 5, 2018)
Fourth Update(July 12, 2018)
Fifth Update(July 17, 2018)

And as what I've always promised to the community, I am giving you now the latest update of the funding campaign. Written this 20th day of July 2018, PST.

  • The Crowdfunded Post has generated a payout value of $199 in authors' rewards.

  • Break down of the rewards of the post: 55.481 SBD, 26.886 STEEM and 60.635 STEEM POWER - Thanks to @josephace135 for lending me the 61 STEEM tokens so that I will not have to wait for 7-days of powering down.

  • 1st and 2nd Fundition Updates generated a total liquid reward of 13.316 in STEEM & 20.088 in SBD

  • 3rd Fundition Update generated a total liquid reward of 27.95 STEEM (SBD converted into STEEM)

  • 4th Fundition Update generated a total liquid reward of 18.011 SBD and 13.059 STEEM

  • As always, I'm so thankful to those who donated liquid tokens and to those who consistently donating after every update.

Recently Donated
@markkujantunen - 1.609 SBD
@itstime - 1.000 SBD

  • Received 91.865 and 62.072 as a total amount of donations in SBD and STEEM respectively.

  • Withdrawn 186.278 SBD and 240.386 STEEM in total using blocktrades. Converted it into another cryptocurrency (BCH) with fewer transaction fees.

  • Converted into Philippine money(PHP) using local exchanger, Total Amount: 26,646.76 PHP

  • Transferal of money - Status

  • Outside Steemit Donations - Total Amount: 5,000 PHP

  • Total Amount Transferred: 35,941.08 PHP

  • All liquid rewards that will be generated by this post/update and by the Fifth Update, will be donated to the beneficiary.

I would like to grab this chance to give full appreciation to those who helped the family. On behalf of the family and baby Shawn, Thank you so much! May God blesses you all, always!


Brave baby.

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Glad to read this @themanualbot - all the best for Shawn and the family.