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RE: The 1st Fundition Campaign of the Global School finished successfully!

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We thank Chris and the wonderful Global school team for their amazing work! Their passion and dedication of teaching new users about blockchain technologies and the steemit platform are fantastic. We especially like how the global school follows a hands-on approach and ever new student is going to open a new steemit account and dive deep into the steem universe. Learning by doing is the best teacher!

That is why we are very excited to support their work where ever we can.

Thank you, Chris and Bertille for your visit to our @Payger office in Munich yesterday and the great kickoff of our partnership! We cannot wait for !!! This will be a blast <3


It was a pleasure to meet you and begin our collaboration yesterday! Thanks again for your support ... We can not wait to start the new adventure too :)

Thank you for your generous donation to the @globalschool! We are also really happy to promote the future of blockchain payments with @payger. On top of that we are looking forward to the summer camp developing with our next IT students. It will be an awesome project for them. I am sure they will be really glad to have the chance to work with us on it. See you soon at the next @steem-munich meetup! ;)

Thank you @chris4210 and @payger for your support and this awesome opportunity! We are looking forward to build steemschool with you. :)