Fundition Update #2 - Journey to the Most Amazing Community

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We will change the world; that's the destination we are heading towards. We are not stopping, and we are not going to stop, until we achieve our goal. Every day, and step by step, we are getting closer to our vision. We are working to break the borders and barriers that stand between ideas and funds.

We will continue to release updates each Friday, laying out the steps we have taken over the past week. We believe this will allow us to connect the dots on the road map of this journey. If you would like to read up our previous updates, here are some links:
Love is in the Air,
Introducing Fundition

Over the past week, we have focused especially hard on our goal of making Fundition the most amazing and friendly community on Steem. We believe that we will be successful in supporting Steemians around the world in ways that have not been previously possible. We think this can happen as a result of our international, multilingual and multi-talented team, and the community-building process we have just begun.


Ambassador Team

We are very excited about our Ambassador program. These Ambassadors will represent their home language (and/or country) within Fundition, supporting local projects and communities. They will help to make a real difference where they live, while also connecting with other Ambassadors from both neighboring and far distant regions. We believe dialogue is the best way to express peace in our times, and we believe that simple interactions, common conversation and support, will lead towards a better world.

We have now taken the first steps for the Ambassador program, and we are very glad to see extraordinary individuals joining our team. We also sincerely hope that some of you will also want to join this international team.

Here is what our Ambassadors are working on for their language and/or region:

  • Helping to translate parts of the Fundition website, messages, and other content on Crowdin, so very soon Fundition will be available in many languages.
  • Contacting people who might be interested in launching project
  • Helping (with our assistance) to guide people in the creation of projects
  • Helping to answer or to translate questions they may not understand
  • Resteeming Fundition’s Post
  • Posting content related to Fundition or any projects on Fundition
  • Organizing events dedicated to Fundition

Meet our amazing representatives
(click the avatar to redirect to their profile)

Note: If you haven’t read about the Fundition Ambassador program you can find it here

If you are interested in being an Ambassador for your language/region, we are calling you to fill out this Google form, and we will come back to you soon!

Bienvenue à nos amis français sur la plateforme ! :)

Angels Team

We are also very excited about our new Fundition Angels. We have chosen certain Funditians who are particularly good at interacting with everyone on Discord, and helping us to build and support our growing community.

We see Angels having two main roles, although this position will evolve with time. These roles are of "evangelist" and "community manager."

Role #1: Evangelist
They will work to spread the word about Fundition far and wide! Getting people to join our Discord, and sharing how to create projects, and about projects currently being created.

Role #2: Community Manager
They will interact with all Funditians on Discord chat (answering questions, addressing concerns, stopping spam, helping with projects), as well as with Ambassadors and with Associates / helping to clarify, simplify, and happify our community!

Meet our Angels, that are willing to assist Funditians in the greatest way, our friendly Angles!

@Mo - Fundition Team , watch her amazing video related to her project in Fundition

@Artakush and @myndnow will bring happiness to our Fundition Galaxy with their humor and control over the community.

Monthly Discord Giveaways

We announced our first Discord Giveaway!
We are planning to give 5 SBD each month to three Funditians, (a total of 15 SBD). The rules for entry are simple: be active in our Discord, and based on your interactions, your XP will increase. The first three users that achieve level 10, and follow the @fundition account, are the winners of that month!


Come and claim your giveaway! We have kept the rules simple, because we want to share the love. Come to our Discord.

Crowdin Translations

Many of our team members are working hard to make Fundition an international platform, accessible to everybody. These Funditians are translating Fundition into their own language, using Crowdin. Each day, more and more people will come to know about Fundition in their own language!


The New “Tag” Functionality

From now on you can use and other Steem Apps like,, D.Tube etc. to update your Fundition Project! Just copy the tag (by selecting it or you can just click on “Copy on clipboard”) that appears in your Project “News” Tab and paste it in your “tags” posts. The post will be automatically published and displayed on your Funditon Project News Page.


Optimization and killing the bugs

Still expect everything to run fine? We added hundreds of lines of code since our last update! Obviously, having some mistakes in the code development is normal. Please let us know where you see any bugs or problems, and we will try to fix those lines of code.

About optimizing the website, we decided for a while to display the Number of Backers and the Amount Collected by Projects with a “+” because updating those numbers live is making the website load annoyingly slow. Still we are displaying the Number of Backers and the Amount Collected by Projects in real time on their pages.

Before Update

After Update

Presenting our Curation Trail

We are asking all Funditians to follow this curation trail, and give support to project Founders.


Note: For the curation trail we have a special account that will upvote only the projects of founders, so your upvote is in safe hands. Ask your friends to follow this curation trail and give the support to the ones in need for funds! Projects that won’t fit with our code of ethics won’t be upvoted, and may risk to be banned from the platform. We will be in touch with some brave-hearts and make them know that their 1% heart power will be a great support! We are asking you to also introduce it to any person with high heart power!

Calling @haejin and @berniesanders to Fundition

We notice that there is lots of love in the air this spring, but unfortunately not between @haejin and @berniesanders. It seems that for them, more support is needed to continue the fight. But for sure the best option would be to turn this big fight to love and support.

So we introduce to them @fundition, a crowdfunding platform, where gathering funds is made easy by the support of many people. Fundition offers creation of a great project to gather funds to buy some more SP, since weapons are prohibited on our platform. This will also help you to gather more funds, and be a reason to increase the Steem price. So, one more time, both of you are invited to create a project on Fundition, also to join our Discord, and if you do so, we are promising to include the "Bomb" action on your projects, which consists of sending “bombs” (instead of hearts) to a project.

Invited to Speak at a Festival in Croatia

We have been asked to present Fundition at the Balkan Blockchain Fest from August 23-26, and we will be featured on Serbian and Croatian television. We want to say thank you for the invitation. Read about the festival here.

2613 [Converted].png

Call for your Support

We are calling all dolphins and whales to invest, donate, upvote, and spend your reward pool on important projects! It will improve the value of Steem. Additionally, none of our team members are paid for this work, so any upvotes are welcome. (Fundition does not take any fees.)

We also suggest you to take a look on HyperFundit, which is a similar platform. They are great guys and they Founders also deserve support!

Coming Next Week

A Better Display for Posts in the News Section
More Giveaways (Weekly Giveaway)
The Website will be Translated into more Languages
More Ambassadors
Expand our Help Center

Make us happy by giving us suggestions/feedback and ideas how to make Fundition better!
See you on the next update, and thank you for your time!

With love,
Fundition Team.

Fundition Icon.png


I'm from Croatia so I might come to chat with you at that blockchain expo in Osijek. On what day are you holding your presentation?

For that we would suggest you to talk with the creator of the festival Ivan Ataman. Hoping to see you there !

Bok @runicar ja sam samo ko-organizator festivala @damirkatusic je kreator.
Festival će se održati 23-26.08, ukoliko imaš kakvih pitanja dođi u grupu na discordu ili na dm @ Ivan Atman#2066

It will be very useful for all of us

seems that a lot of time and energy went into this project

I love how blockchain is bringing ideas to life and give the opportunity to the people to help others
blockchain leading the way towards love and unity

This makes the river life more colorful and colorful, thanks!


Thanks a lot for the update on this powerful project and initiatives. I can't wait to see what is going to be coming out of this tank! ;)

Upvoted, followed. Namaste :)

I am glad to be a part of this impprtant movement. I know we can change and help the world, small steps, everyday! @fundition to the Moon!

Artakush translates fundition in the bush...

We appreciate to see you in Fundition!

I think this is new big thing on Steemit after Utopians big success,,,,,,,,,

Thank you for your comment @muzammil381

Thank you for the shout out! We're so happy to see more people joining this mission of helping amazing projects come to life! :)

  • Iris

We will work together to spend more energy to achieve our dreams for a better world. I am excited to be a park of the teams.

I’m proud of being an ambassador of Fundition. And I love the cute logo you guys made for @hanggggbeeee. lol. I need to make more efforts for Fundition for sure. :)))

Well done fundition team. Am interested to be part of this great initiative but will need time to understand this thing. Will definitely make effort to understand the whole thing and am following for more.

Thank you for your appreciation @simply-me.

curative post it is memorable for me.
We can change the whole world.
Thank you

Thank you for your comment @pushpendra83 !

Fundition crowdfunding its a another platform for help each a great opportunity for all of us..i think you are make a new project you should share with @fundition team ..after all some help take you from fundition..
Bless for you my lovely platform @fundition support always with us ..

Thank you for your appreciation @abulhasanat

I'm start translating to Arabic

Thank you very much @khaled.adnan !
Don't hesitate to ask question!

I think this is new big thing on Steemit the road to success. The @fundition project is built for the community. It will help to increase the price of Steem in the market. Pretty excited to the value you can guys bring.

Happy to hear that @happysmart
We are glad to see you in Fundition!

yes, thaks you very much

One team one Goal to change the world a better place! To grateful to be with steemit!

Thank for you this kind comment @che-nie!

I love you guys

Love is in the Air!
Winds of change to the Blockchain!

Peace V!

Friend @fundition from #venezuela supporting your work ... Excellent publication;)

What a great project keep up the good work

You are very much welcome 😊

how do you update your project once 7 days is up mines on standby

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I need a six month vacation twice a year.

Very good post,
very useful for those who read it. thank you

Thank you for your comment @joelpaseearon

There is news that appears frequently in the media these days. That is the news about Steam It. I look forward to hearing a lot of hopeful news.

Something extraordinary and right now I am going to join @foundation so that any of my expectations so far I can see changes and creativity better than other places and programs

Thank you for your attention and I am already in discord

Thanks to you for shareing this valuable information.

Exciting! Nice to see the new Curation front end.

Glad you appreciate it :)

Your community is looking very advance but I am sad because in your community there is no flag of my country Pakistan @fundition

Thank you. Unfortunately we have no ambassador and no translator for Pakistan, but if you know someone who can give an help, here is our discord :

If we stand united under one umbrella than we will be able to dominate

Love is very important for everylife, so we should honor to love. Everyone like to love their favorite person. Your post allways helpful for everyone of important information. Thank you so much year.

Congratulatioan all, very specially to my friends @bahagia-arbi, @dodybireuen and @dokter-purnama. Don't forget to support us.

thanks sir, this is very good informetion. i know,any pepule know more informetion. thanks for your stutes

I can't wait to be the ambassador of this program...

Hello @jacksonchakma
We are glad to see you in Fundition!

Sounds like a fun community outreach!

One team one Goal to change the world a better place! To grateful to be with steemit!

Hlo friends

Vote for vote 👍🏻

Hey! Checkout blog post on eSteem!

Thank you 🙏

Hlo friends

Vote for vote 👍🏻

Hey! Checkout blog post on eSteem!

Thank you 🙏

Hlo friends

Vote for vote 👍🏻

Hey! Checkout blog post on eSteem!

Thank you 🙏

Hlo friends

Vote for vote 👍🏻

Hey! Checkout blog post on eSteem!

Thank you 🙏


Although this is a 2 month old blog, I was just wondering whether you are still looking for translators. I am from India and can translate the blogs to Indian languages Hindi and Kannada.

Appreciate the work this community is doing. Came to know about this through an blog I curated as part of eSteem curation team.

Hi there @coolguy123,

We would like to have a chat with you so we are calling you to our Discord Server, thank you for your interest.

Join a community with heart based giving at its core

Great, I am heading over to Discord channel, thank you @fundition

cheers from Mexico!

That's amazing we can change people life for better

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This sounds like a truly amazing project and I wish to study it more and figure out how best to participate and support the goals of the project.

your amazing post is very good and useful for me and for all my steemian friends. i am very awesome postingan.terima for your suggestion that very extraordinary good this.

Great stuff! I will be referring to Fundition as a great place for supporting charities on Steem in my charity round up post and I will delegate some power

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okay perfect

Really great

incredible idea that will change the world, I'm sure any hard work will definitely produce very good results

Toda fundacion que trabaje para un bien son bienvenidas, que su proyecto siga avanzado cada dia mas, lo estare siguiendo para estar al tanto de sus articulos

Hello friend, excellent publication, I liked it a lot. Count on me, I invite you to visit my profile and count on you too, Regards

This is really impressive post

Hey i am raidford and i new user of steemit, and it supports me that you read my post


I was failed of joining utopia because i did not understand and no one taught me. I think this os my second chance

@rizal-sahabat yeah if you are not still on the Discord channel of Fundition go there, amazing team will assist you for your questions , welcome ;)

Thank you @enisshkurti..i am already on discord

This is good news. Keep up the good work.

i think it is a good projekt and i hope that many people read the post.

hellow how are you
your post very long
i see your post and redding
your foundation join me
i lik your pos
you see my pos and one vo

This is a great strategy. I recently saw a video with the CFO of a site that is a major competitor of Steemit so I wont name the company. Anyways they have been making a strong push in India as well as many other countries. I think it is a solid idea as long as we are vigilant in preventing spam. I've seen the damage that can do. I've seen amazing sites get watered down by it so I think it's important that we keep an eye on this as we move forward. Like I said I do love your campaign and I look forward to staying updated as you continue all the hard work. Thanks!

I really like this idea and the use of the Steem Blockchain. This overcomes one of the biggest problems I have with other crowdsourcing platforms and that is the amount of fees they charge. One thing I have found about most people here on Steemit and in the "crypto world" is they love to share their knowledge, their money and their ideas. It is a worldwide community that believes in a better world for everyone. I am glad to be a part of such a community and to be surrounded by positive people.

Hi. I just wanted to wish everyone a perfect day

Am I the first Filipino Founder in who made a campaign project? I hope it would be a success because your 'Love is in the air' concept certainly gave the "Heart" a valuable role in this collaborative venture.

Excellent start, Fundition... Bravo!

Love ost crazy,, respect your program and your write

your amazing post is very good and useful for me and for all my steemian friends. i am very awesome postingan.terima for your suggestion that very extraordinary good this.

Do not you agree with what Haejin is doing?

Let's join forces, let's make the "haejinmotherfucker" tag grow, so we'll show him what a son of a bitch he is.


I started to Flag this comment but decided not to. I just don't think that this kind of language belongs on this post and this comment has nothing to do with the post that I can see. Not to mention it is just very negative and I can't believe I am even wasting my time with it.

My friend @preuba, first of all personally I do not really appreciate your comment here. Fundition is not a place for that and does not have a community that spreads hate and trouble around. We do totally the opposite, and we definitely suggest to this guys to finish their war. There are so many people in need for the money. And they use the upvote rewards for nothing by downvoting each other!
Instead downvoting them, you better go to Curation Trail of Fundition and help people in need, you will make some good deeds instead losing time with the problem between this guys, Thank you.