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(Liberty Festival Croatia 2018)

Greetings everyone,

We are proud and very happy to announce that this week Fundition will have the honor of being present at Liberty Festival 2018 as a guest speaker. This is an event dedicated to bringing communities together, in celebration of entertainment, fun, sports, and technology. It is being organized by True Tesla Technologies, in collaboration with the Municipality of Osijek, and will take place between the 23rd and 26th of August 2018 in the beautiful city of Osijek, in Croatia, at the bank of the Drava river.

There will be five representatives from Fundition at the event, so if you’ve only known us from the internet up until now, you’ll finally have the chance to meet us in person. We will also be featured in the local Croatian media, that will cover the Liberty Festival.


During the event, on the 24th of August, Fundition will take the stage and we will share the idea of our platform with the world. You’ll have the opportunity to ask us any question you wish, and we’ll do our best to promote the Steem Blockchain, so that everyone that can benefit from it will be aware of its existence and features.

And you don’t have to come just for us, the event will be filled with a lot of learning opportunities and entertainment. There will be numerous speakers at the event, as well as educational seminars, from very knowledgeable people, about the world of the blockchain and much more. In terms of entertainment, you will have live performances by a number of great musicians, some of which have embraced blockchain technology into their musical careers.

And if music isn’t your thing, then that is where the sports come in. There will be the Liberty Cycling Race. A two phase bicycle race going from Osijek to Sombora.It will begin in Croatia and end in Serbia, stretching for over 170km.


If you are interested in attending Liberty Festival Croatia 2018, tickets are still available on-line, just visit this link: to get yours today, and we’ll see you there. We look forward to meeting you all, and getting new ideas from you that we can use to improve Fundition and make it the platform that can best suit your needs.

And this won’t be the last event you’ll see us at. Fundition will have representatives at SteemCreators Toronto, in Canada next month. For more information on that, please visit

Not only that, but SteemFest 3 is just around the corner, taking place in Poland this November and we will be very happy to see you there, in person. Check out for more details about the event.

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Have a great week everyone,
Fundition Team ❤.

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Wish I could be in Croatia 😭
Have a great time everyone 🌻

Enjoy, teach and have fun! :) Well represented we are in there!
Cheers for that...!

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It's cool!

Greetings! @fundition
Excited about this!

Heaven for art lovers! Giving life its meaning!