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RE: A fundraising Campaign for @girlbeforemirror

in #fundraising4 years ago

Ow my..
She is one of the most genuine people I ever came across.. she means a lot to me, eventhough we hardly really "talk"
We connected late last year, and she has picked me up and made me cry at the same time..
She is an inspiration to many, and just seems to give all her heart in everything she does..
It breaks my heart to read it all summed up the way you did..
1 amazing woman, who deserves the world


Thank you for your support @crytocatz . I really feel happy to meet people like who care about others life without expecting any return. We have one life but we can live longer inside of other by creating real impact. She made an impact in many lives and so the world needs her and she needs us as support of her. Thank you for your resteem too.

If the world was full of people like her,
it would be a much much better place 💖