FungiFriday: more fun in the compost heap

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I cut down some trees a while ago and ended up piling a lot of other garden refuse on top. Now that I am shifting all of that in an effort to tidy up, it's fun to see what has been growing in the damp, shady conditions. I don't know what any of these are because mushroom and fungi identification usually focuses on the more photogenic fungi that make the fruiting bodies that we refer to as mushrooms.

To start with, some of the more conventional-looking bracket fungi that normally grow on rotting logs


The same fungus, viewed from underneath

fungus 2.jpg

The white thread-like filaments can be thought of as mushroom 'roots', the part that we see and refer to as a mushroom is the fruiting body which releases the spores. Those are seeds in fungal terms.

Here, you can see the little fruiting bodies forming


On to the funky stuff: these white strands that look like spider webs are also fungi, as is the green one that looks a bit like lichen. These are what we more commonly refer to as moulds


Then, the brown fuzz. It may be a slime mould, which isn't actually a fungus although they used to be classified as fungi. They are now understood to be groups of unicellular organisms similar to amoebas that live in colonies and act together. The little yellow splotches are definitely a kind of slime mould

#FungiFriday is a fun initiative by @ewkaw: no prizes involved, just a day to post whatever weird fungal objects you find growing nearby


Ah... that's a real 🍄 heaven!


So many dots! Quick, bring me a pen! Lets connect the dots! :D

What picture will it form?

Probably the map of fungi city... Or something else... like the meaning of life... Or the real earth dna... who knows...

Luz, you can connect the dots of the fly stops... they are making the letters too, as I was told. one man was watching his flies thru all of the summer -- and he came to opinion in the end, that the fly(flyes) didnt say anything reasonable.

Hmmmm... Maybe they have a secret language nobody knows, just them...

It all depends on the dot connector, I think

I was very interested, since I did not see mushrooms that look like a web.
And also I did not see the brown fluff.
Great photos!

Thanks! These are unusual to me too


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I read that these fungi feed on wood and gradually destroy it. This is their habitat.

Yes, they are necessary for the wood to decompose

excellent post, cool divercity and -- I LOVE THESE COLOURS!!!

one 'from underneath' I am not sure it is so much usual one.. I have got the pics of the same specie I've got this summer -- and I dont think I see this polymorph so often... often we encounter the other ones, not so amazing like this one!

I will share what i've got in one of the winter days....

thank you one more time for your find, great you didnt sent it immediately to the fire but shared with us 1st :P

Send this to the fire? What barbarism is that? The wood is damp and completely rotten anyway, it will burn in about 3 minutes. I prefer to watch the fungi grow

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What, all of them?

all I was granted, that I didnt give-away. ofc it has nothing to do with tokens in your wallet o_0

Fungi highways! :D

Yeah, so much rotten stuff

Your garden is a treasure trove for fungi and strange animals!

They are quite ordinary for Africa and other tropical regions

Oh! Then one has to be careful walking on the Wild there!!

Beautiful photos

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Could it be edible mushrooms? We just don’t know how to cook them... Lol

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Very exotic mushrooms!

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