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Looks like my golden oyster mushroom kit has arrived for this #fungifriday by @ewkaw

Upon opening the kit I got a little surprise. It looks like the mushrooms were very eager to grow and some had burst through the packaging. Now they are little mummified dried up mushrooms.

Here's the hole they burst out of. I hope the mycelium is still good inside. Oysters tend to be hearty so the kit should still be fine to grow.

Here's what a mushroom block looks like. Just cut off the top under the black zip tie and mist the top.

Then set the block in a plate of water under the humidity tent. Mist it at least twice a day.

I'm hoping to get a batch that looks like this in about a week or so. Hopefully there will be something ready to show for next #fungifriday

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Wow! I want one of those :D
The refugees look like some mushrooms tree!. So cool.

A strange mushroom joshua tree or cork tree maybe.

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Very nice and a good size. I was in a mushroom company where the 6' long bags of oysters hung from the ceiling. It's very difference than the traditional way of growing mushrooms.

Wow that's an industrial sized setup. Did they grow them in the dark?

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It was located in a building in an industrial park. They only had the lights on when there were people in the room, otherwise there was light from a window. They're a forest mushroom so they didn't have to be in the dark like most are grown.

They are pretty hearty, i might try putting tge second bloom near windows to see how it turns out.

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Without chlorophyll in them, I doubt it will make a difference. When I grew them, I just thought it was nice that you could keep them in a viewable area rather than in a dark closet.

Mine are curling upward for some reason. Maybe its because i over misted them.

I had mine in a big pyrex dish with plastic wrap on it, water dripping down from the plastic wrap, so a very humid environment.


Taking timelapse of them growing right now.

Wow. nice mushrooms photography.

They are getting big now.

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