Spring Mushrooms

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Here's a few mushrooms for #fungifriday by @ewkaw and also a post for hive-166168 by @qwerrie
First off my golden oysters made another weekly bloom. They are a really aggressive mushroom that is easy to grow. They taste really good too.
Now for some spring mushrooms that should be popping up anytime now. Here's some mica caps from last year. See the little mica beads on the top. These are edible, just don't consume them with alcohol or you will get sick.
This is cloud fungi. This is edible but it has no taste and it is like a jelly goo texture. Most people don't eat it because of its weird texture and lack of taste. This stuff is plentiful in the spring after a rain.
Here is a peziza fungi, I'm not sure which latin variant this one is. The common name is bay cup fungi. They come in different colors and have sandy spores in the cup that get launched out by raindrops or things treading on them. I read somewhere that some can be edible but others are toxic. Given the wide varations of subspecies it would not be wise to try eating this bland fungi.
Meanwhile the waspy fly looking characters don't mind eating gross mushrooms @whatisnew. I suspect this mushroom might be an old rotting oyster mushroom. Little flies are good spore spreaders as well.
This is Phlebia radiata aka orange crust fungi. This is pretty common to find on dead logs. After a rain the colors really brighten up.
Here's a strange ramaria choral mushroom. I don't know the exact name but it is a type of ramaria fungi. Who knows maybe its edible like my favorite crown tipped coral fungi. If not then it could cause stomach ache as many kinds of ramaria do.
Here's a batch of unidentified rusty spored mushrooms I found in hollow. They kind of resemble turkeytail but these have gills so who knows what they might be...
Some standard mycena mushrooms. These are probably the most common mushroom I find. There are many variants in many different colors. Too bad tgey aren't edible.
Finally a couple more shots of this week's golden oyster bloom.
This was the block the night before. Once they pin they really grow fast. Happy #fungifriday


I loved all of the fotos, a lot of favourit fotos for me.

i cant believe its all fresh, you already have them growing around! mmmm. !BEER

Well most are from last spring the only fresh ones are my home grown golden oysters. In about a month and a half hopefully i'll be posting fresh ones from the wild.

o! I got you wrong, thinking its a new crop already :D my bad..

Yeah i was reminiscing over past mushroom pictures I never published last year lol. Tough being a mushroom hunter in the winter. Did you hear about this new fungi yet? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.popularmechanics.com/science/amp30784690/chernobyl-fungus/

Hey @sketch.and.jam, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

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I never had the Oyster ones..at least knowing that I am eating them.
Every time I admire the yellow. :)

I need to order the blue oysters again, maybe i have a blue thumb this year...

The oysters taste pretty similar to crimini but with a lighter more mild mushroom taste. Depending on how you cook them they have a less slimey texture than normal mushrooms as well. I had some that were mildly sweet too that picked up some of the willow tree sugars they were growing on.

That sounds really yummy!

I might get some oyster plugs and find a dead willow tree stump to put them in. Just to see if it was the willow bark that made them sweet.

That would be actually a cool experiment.
Would they grow on different trees? With different flavours...

That's my theory. Most of the wild oysters i've harvested off hardwoods like maple and oak. It was a bit rare to find them growing on a softwood like willow. Also they were gray oysters so it could be their own special taste. I know that pink oysters have a drastically almost bacon like taste compared to the other oysters out there.

Beautiful post! Thanks!