That Feeling When You Made $16 with One Steemit Post

in #funny5 years ago


After posting my second blog yesterday, it earned me $16. This is my first good earnings from Steemit. However, I can't seem to replicate it. Hopefully, I can find which works the best.

Care to help a friend in need? Lol!



Awesome... I bet you are so happy right now. $16 is a lot of steem power.

Yes, indeed I am. However, the rewards set to it is the default 50%-50%, I guess I'll just convert it to steem power when I received it. :)

But at least you've got lots of posts with good earnings. :)

I am glad to read this friend. Keep good work.

Thanks man!

Maybe it's the quality of the posts. xD

I believe so too. :)

I think i found the answer to why this one post made so much more. I checked the curators and found two of which have a users level of 64 and 68. Wether they are called dolphins or Whales, these are probably the ones with such a high steempower, that you made profit from their voting.
So to get money for the posts here you have to get either a really huge followership and/or attract some Whales' attention.

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