Another Manic Monday!

in #funny9 months ago

I bet if he had not done his Homework ( assuming that he went to School?), it was also someone else's Fault!

Invoice Sage Jan 074.jpg

I do! The easiest way to break into my Car!

Invoice Sage Jan 068.jpg

Yep , having 40 People jammed in a 16- seater is far less likely to cause the virus to spread ,that having people drink or smoke!

Invoice Sage Jan 080.jpg

All arrived via WhatsApp, not my property.

Captions are my own.

I personally think the most dangerous Virus in our Country ,can be found in Parliament!


I am just laughing, firstly because this is all so classical of our country, and secondly when I saw your heading, the song by The Bangles, Manic Monday came to mind. Luckily our good weather and beautiful fauna and flora makes up for all we have to endure here.

I guess ,I must have secretly ,had that song in mind! The "Beauty" of getting older ,is that you can keep secrets from Yourself!

Hahaha, corona bus supplied by the govt, most of parliaments are full of stupid!!

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