The usefulness of traffic lights.

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The usefulness of traffic lights.

One day from the bus, I took this photo. 

You can see there some old man with bags in his hand. And it seems he suddenly had an urge to to fill the socks. So not long thinking, he putted his leg on the pillar and did it. Or maybe he decided to practice gymnastics?

Nevertheless, it seemed to me a funny moment, because I did not know until that moment, that it is allowed to do in such way :)

In general, now you know about another traffic light helpfulness of pillar.

By the way, I want to present an interesting piece of news in Kiev about experimental traffic lights with luminous pillars.

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Varicose veins (he's wearing compression stockings). Wiki says:
Elevating the legs often provides temporary symptomatic relief.
But maybe he's suffering back pain and can't bend.
His face says everything.

Maybe. But I can not say it this way precisely because I had to be in his skin :)