When you find love in a hopeless place

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hahah yes this is true :D

that explains me perfectly! I cant wake up without looking at steemit first.

Nothing to caption. This is literally my bed right now, except I'm up posting in the middle of the night. I'll probably dream about whales and dolphins.

Dont watch the whale, become the whale

Giant 300 ETH sell walls controlled by bots that come down right after you acquire 45% of todays circulating supply for 400 satoshi's cheaper than ICO. Then instantly flipping that around and having your bots buy out the rest of the orders amounting to 20 ETH . Only to refill the order with with nothing b.ut your own orders at 3x fodl.

This must be falling in love with Steemit...we need to guard the hidden treasures!

How many of you have a tablet this big? I actually know two coworkers that do lol

I almost do! LOL, I have the 12" iPad Pro.

The marriage ended with Steemit

LOL, winner! 🏆

Hahahaha loved it!

True True

For the sake of steemit, willing to delay not to make love ,, hehe ..
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